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Sullivan West High School At Lake Huntington

Lake Huntington, NY
  • Public
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  • Grades 7-12
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  • Enrollment: 496


Sullivan West High School At Lake Huntington
P O Box 309
Lake Huntington, NY 12752
(845) 932-8401
Sullivan West High School At Lake Huntington is located in Lake Huntington, NY and serves grades 7-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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My son had a 504, which a teacher didn’t not want to follow. I had one teacher who want to send my first grader to a school for children with dispinary issues. We were at that school once a week because the had no idea how to teach him! They said he was deficient in both the maths and the language arts. The administration was there to strike their own egos, not to assist our child with his education. We finally gave up. I told them I was taking back my responsibility and I would teach him myself. I brought him home and started teaching him myself. I discovered that he was about a years ahead in the maths and two years behind in the language arts. Homeschooling was the best decision I made - no more bullying by the teachers, education is thriving and tons of friends; all of this without the used of a government run school!
Everything at Sullivan West went well for me. I walked out with lots of friendships with both peers and teachers and an outstanding education.
This schools facility is over paid for not doing there jobs. They accused your kid with out doing a proper investigation, and never say sorry when they were proven wrong. Some of the teachers are there just for the pay check and don't give help when your child don't understand. Instead they tell them,you should know this. The only reason they got a good score is because of dedicated parent that want there kids to get the he'll out of this school district. Also have dress code for the kids, but don't in force it on the faculty. This school district, used to be good, had kids in this distric for fithteen years, But for the last 4 years it became the worse school I have ever seen. I would have my kids out of there but waiting to sell my house. Hopefully to people that don't have kids because I would. Never recamend this school to anyone. Even seriously,Thinking of walking away forme house to get my kids out of this district. This district will destroy your children!!! Very involved and concerned parent. Save your children don't send them here.
We spent up to $28,000 a year in Brooklyn private school without any good result. I moved my small books business and my son Adam Talbi to his school and I loved it. My son graduated from this school and we loved it and all the community. Recommend this school to any family who is looking for peace and good education for their children. Stay away from the big cities schools and save your children.
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