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Isaac Newton Ms For Math And Science

New York, NY
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 192


Isaac Newton Ms For Math And Science
260 Pleasant Avenue
New York, NY 10029
(212) 860-6006
Isaac Newton Ms For Math And Science is located in New York, NY and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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This school is the type of school that should be shut down. My daughter goes to this school and she hates it and so do I. Many of her friends have transferred out and have said that the new school is 10x better. The teachers have no control over students and their disciplinary system is laughable. Many children have done very disrespectful things at the school and nothing has been done. These students prevent my daughter from learning and it is extremely frustrating. The school review has said that students get opportunities that other students do not get but that is not true. It's acually the opposite. Other schools are already teaching our eight graders high school work but this school is way behind. This school barely goes on trips due to student behavioral issues. There are teachers that lose work and hold it against the students. I have first handedly seen teachers use profanities against the students in a very demeaning way. Many teachers have even been known to pick up chairs and threaten to throw at students. This school is the kind of school you wouldn't want your child in.
As current 8th graders we disagree with the previous comment. Although, some children are disrespectful their actions are quickly brought to the teacher s attention and stopped in time. Here at Isaac Newton, teachers encourage everyone to learn and do their best. The school has amazing partnerships called Citizen Schools and Bridges. During these programs students are able to excel in their basic subjects such as math, ELA, and science. They also get help in the subjects they struggle with. There is also a program called CFES, which stands for College for Every Student. As eighth grade students we are role models for the sixth and seventh graders and set examples for them. Also, we visit different colleges to get a sense of the college life. We also do a science program at Mount Sinai Hospital Center. This school gives us many opportunities that other schools couldn t. The principals at this school work hard and do their best to make this school great. - From 8th grade peer leaders
Overall, the atmosphere of the school is welcoming. Students are manageable when addressed apart from the group in a one-on-one setting (only a few students are deeply disrespectful to adults within the building- most of the behaviors exhibited by students are characteristic of their developmental age- a result of developmental, social, emotional, and environmental issues and stress). Most teachers in the school challenge the thinking of students and push them to strive to excel beyond their own expectations, and teachers tend to be highly qualified, hard-working, and passionate. While there are a few teachers who could use more structure in terms of expectations and practice, most teachers want their students to be successful in their subject area and later on in life.Teachers who use differentiation and work with students in small groups are able to reach the higher level students. A dean or point person to quell behavioral issues would be beneficial to ensure the positive environment and culture of the school, but with budgetary constraints it is difficult. Consistency, structure, and useful Professional Training would help staff and students feel more sure of themselves.
Anonymous reviews...really? I believe that if you have something to say it would be advisable to discuss these matters with administration and colleagues.
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