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P.S. 41 Greenwich Village

New York, NY
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 692


P.S. 41 Greenwich Village
116 West 11th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 675-2756
P.S. 41 Greenwich Village is located in New York, NY and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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I have 3 kids in this school, 1 in 1st grade and 2 in pre-k with different learning abilities. They love this school and can't wait to go back everyday. I agree and disagree with some of the comments from previous post. I know a lot of parent read all the comments like me. That's why I spent the time to write this. Hope is helpful.1- Over crowded? Yes, the class might have 26 kids, but there are 3 teachers and a student/teacher from Columbia in the class (I think there is some agreement with both schools). The pre-k class has 18 kids w 2 teachers and 1 s/t. 2- Lack of diversity? Yes, the school is mostly white and wealthy. It's in Greenwich/West Village, what do you expect?! However, most of the parents are very socially aware and well rounded. I'm a minority and don't feel being mistreated in anyway. There are some mixed race family, some adopted parents and gay parents. It's all part of NYC living. 3- Office Adm? I don't recall calling them, so no comment. 4- Bullying? I've never heard anything like that happen here, can't speak for the older grades.5- PTA is top notch. We have 2 class parents each class. I get at least 3 e-mails a week for every class, so I'm always inform. 6- Family morning. There are several family mornings. You see the teacher in action and how your kid interact with them and classmates. It's pretty cool and always pack with parents. I suppose other school has it too. 7- Parents. I noticed most of the parents are older, mostly mid 30s to 40s and very involved. My older one has to go to a different school on her Pre-K year. let just say the other school is very diverse (near projects) The parents are much younger early 20s, and mostly grandparents pick up and drop off. Parent involvement was nonexistent. I emphasize parents because school is only half the education, home is the other half.8- Teachers. Most of the teachers are relatively young and energetic. mid 20s to early 30s. They're awesome, very tentative and professional. I grew up in Brooklyn, trust me there are a lot of lifers who just don't care and can't be touch (union and tenure). And of course there are lots of good teachers too.Again, this is my personal experience the last 2 years (after re-zone). And, I'm not saying what happen to others is not true. I just have a different experience. Nevertheless, good luck!
This is our third year at PS41 and for the life of me, I am still trying to figure out why it has such a wonderful reputation. It's just an ordinary school. Some teachers are nice; some are complete witches. The classes are huge (27-29 kids). The receptionist is widely avoided. The student/parent body is hugely lacking in ANY kind of ethnic, cultural or even economic diversity. The PTA throws a lot of parties and fundraisers so I guess there's that. But is it the high test scores that make this school so highly lauded? Because it's widely known that the scores are high because the kids all have tutors. Any kid anywhere can have that. I feel my kids' reading levels have actually been (purposely or negligently) held back, which doesn't seem to be a particularly valuable educational move to me. Families come to this school in droves and I just don't get it. But the longer we stay, the more I think the emperor has no clothes. We are all just too afraid to be the first ones to admit it.
We chose P.S. 3 instead of P.S.41 for several reasons. First, P.S.41is almost completely white (as are we) and that is a big turn-off. I want my child to experience different cultures and races, and P.S. 41 is less diverse than some private schools. Also, the parents-teachers have a false sense of superiority about their school, whereas P.S.3 is more welcoming and not part of the corporate mentality. Also, P.S.41 is deficient in teaching English and Math( the two most important subjects) and parents have to hire tutors to get their kid's grades up to grade level!! Now how is this a superior school? Oh. And the receptionist is very rude.
We have a 1st grader and 4th grader at PS 41 and couldn't be more impressed with the teachers and administrators. They are very focused on specific needs of the child and there is always additional help when needed. Kelly Shannon is the most amazing principal and runs this place better than many private schools, she understands how to work thru the bureaucracy that NYC's DOE creates for their "one size fits all" mentality to education. Kelly thinks outside of the box and allows whats best for individual students by working closely with parents, teachers and other aid offered in the school to make it an optimal learning experience. The PTA's massive fundraising ensures the school can offer the latest technology, additional classes in the arts, and overall quality education. It is very much a community school with amazing students and parents from the West Village area. We LOVE PS 41!!!!!!!
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