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I.S. 250 the Robert F Kennedy Community Middle School

Queens, NY
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 402


I.S. 250 the Robert F Kennedy Community Middle School
158-40 76th Road
Queens, NY 11366
(718) 591-9000
I.S. 250 the Robert F Kennedy Community Middle School is located in Queens, NY and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
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School principal (TARA MRWIK) does not care about the student. She try to hidden all the problems, not respond to parent concern. If your child is bullying in school, she won’t even care.
The school is garbage my son has been here four days and already has had another student threaten to come to our home and raid it with weapons. The child actually showed up at my house . The school gave the whole zero tolerance for bullying speech and said they would do the standard routine of talking to the boy and contacting parents and have them sit with the guidance counselor . These standards are insufficient and I have seen first hand with previous children how the system fails. There is no protection for students from bullying in public school and this school managed to prove its bad reputation in a matter of 4 days . It is sad when even the crossing guards warn you against a school due to bad reputation with violence. After meeting with the principal who stated I don't condone this child's behavior BUT Ill talk to the teachers shows a level of ignorance in management that is detrimental to the students . There is no BUT . The child's actions are wrong it is not a it is what it is situation. This is all bad parenting or lack there of. Its a shame children who want to learn face these issues . Anyway when my son returned to class the boy walked up to him and stated I was at your house , trying to intimidate my son when my son reported it the principal says to him I don't need you to play private detective i can handle this . What the hell was that ?? I immediately went to the nearest catholic school and registered my son . We would rather pay 500 dollars a month to keep him safe and have him receive a good education than to have him endure even 1 more day at this school. I walk my son to school the past 4 days and let me tell you the quality of the student body is poor. Young ladies and that term is really not applicable here but im being nice with the mouth of sailors walking to school , cursing and talking about sex . These are not the kinds of girls you want your son to bring home nor the kind you want your daughter to associate with . just disgusting how we move to a nicer neighborhood for better schools and encounter the kind of trash we have seen at this school but even more appalling is the schools inability to deal properly with the situation . My advice involve the police if you have an issue to get reports made so you can get a safety variance . Otherwise private school or homeschool are the only options .
My son had a wonderful experience he just graduated and I know we made the right choice for middle school. The Administration ,Teachers and staff are caring and involved. Also joining or volunteering in the PTA is beneficial to all !!!!
Teachers are boring, do not create a very pleasing enviorment to be in, and do not show any care for their students. Students half the time slack off because the staff create disinterest in their students.
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