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Is 61 Leonardo Da Vinci

Queens, NY
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 2225


Is 61 Leonardo Da Vinci
98-50 50th Avenue
Queens, NY 11368
(718) 760-3233
Is 61 Leonardo Da Vinci is located in Queens, NY and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Two or more races
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Native American

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La verdad, que tenia miedo que mi hija vaya a esta escuel, porque habia escuchado cosas malas, pero realmentes es una muy buena escuela, dividida en varias academias para tener mejor control de los estudiantes, tiene muchos programas para ayudar a los estudiantes y para los padres, cuenta con la ayuda de los padres voluntarios que ayudan a cuidar la seguridad de los estudiantes, hay disciplina, respeto, recomiendo a los padres involucrarse con las actividades de la escuela, esto ayuda a que nuestros hijos mejoren su rendimiento academico y sientan un mayor compromiso de estudio, ,padres detras de sus hijos, es igual a un estudiante exitoso y esto ayuda a una sociedad mejor.
es la escuela que estudia mi nina trato de estar al dia con sus calificaciones
As a student that is soon going to high school, I decided to write a review about this school. This is a great school--its just the students that goes to this school is very influential. Walking around the halls, I've seen girls putting up make up--have nothing against that but I really couldn't tell if they were trying to be a clown or not. And yes, students start getting into relationships and kiss in the hallways, outside of schools(alley), its really obnoxious. During my second year, there's a girl that has been pregnant as well. In my opinion, I find it really difficult fitting in. The teachers are really nice and great at teaching. Well, some. My social studies teacher is the first teacher I've ever been comfortable with. The school offers many activities and fun programs. This school also have different academies that is named after famous universities. The reason is because it encourages students to participate in school activities and work hard in school. At the end of each year, we get to do spirit week which is very fun, except for the seniors because of the regents. Overall, I really like this school, I met great friends and had a lot of fun.
Parents, listen do not send your kids to this school unless you want your son to have a girlfriend and make out in an alley or any place where people cant spot them. The girl/boy, he/she loves will later on dump him/her and your child will be depressed like most kids in this school are. MOCK MY WORDS DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE!!
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