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John Bowne High School

Queens, NY
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 3608


John Bowne High School
63-25 Main Street
Queens, NY 11367
(718) 263-1919
John Bowne High School is located in Queens, NY and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Native American
Two or more races

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This school has a fairly unfortunate background knowledge of past events that occurred in the school, that has caused bad ratings. Many students who go to Bowne High school enjoy there time there. There are many opportunities to succeed in this school. They offer online courses, night school, free tutoring on school lunch periods, after school and on the weekends to help students succeed in their classes, as well as passing and getting the necessary requirements for their regents exam. They have over 200 clubs offered. Teachers and Staff and students in Bowne are free to create their own clubs, and after school activities. There are many opportunities for Volunteer services. They are the only school in Queens that offer an Agriculture program. As well as the accommodating Academy of Arts, JROTC, STEM and zone programs for students. Students have a wide range of AP, Honors, and College Now classes available. They have many interactive programs as well. I am a fellow student in John Bowne High School. Most of, the principal, Kwait, stands to his roots on his opinion of Success. All students are required to aim for the Advance Regents Diploma to get ready for college.
I am a current Junior in the former Doshi, now STEM Science Research Program. All I can say is that it takes every student to get used to the High School environment, especially in a school like John Bowne. Again, everybody is different, therefore one cannot generalize. I learned so much in this school and have had the most amazing experiences both educational and social. I have changed as a person in this school because of the courses that are offered and the level of education. Personally, I cannot recommend a better school to anybody. If I were to give my personal judgement for parents thinking about their children's education. I would say make sure that your kid keeps up his or her grades in order to apply to the STEM program. And make sure that your child puts the STEM program as their first choice in the list of High Schools. Bowne is located in a great neighborhood sharing a campus with Queens College, Townsend Harris, two elementary schools and the Former CUNY Law school. The teachers are great, the staff is willing to work. I hope that one day, I can send my kids here as well!
I go to john bowne high school in queens. I am a freshman and to be honest my school is a good school. It is filled all different cultures and races. Black,white,Indian,Chinese,Spanish, and more. I go to a very diverse school. All of my teachers overall are wonderful and they care about you. I am in the cow program and I think I have one of the best teacher there. The staff is always helpful and kind to students when we need help. To be honest, some students are not so nice . Some are rude, nasty, mean, or disruptive. Don't get me wrong , there are about 4,000 "kids" at my school. Not everyone is bad. Usually, most people you meet will be kind and nice. The first week of school I hated it and wanted to go home, but when I got used to school I actually liked it and I joined a team (cheerleading). My school is big on clubs and teams. It's so nice to see everyone come together to cheer for us and other teams in our school. We also have jrotc. I don't really know too much about it but you can look it up. Overall, I like my school and if you plan on coming to my school I hope you like it. Just make friends with the right people and you will succeed. :) 2014
I know this school is great and for others too i know a lot of teachers and is very interesting they give tutoring to students.They should know that they have to follow the rules.I like that i have a lot of friends and a lot of teachers and old teachers.This school can improve like in the senior office they are telling every single senior to pay the money for like prom and specially the senior trip smugglers notch in vermont this is the name and this school should improve a lot with all the money that is given in.
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