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Martin Van Buren High School

Queens, NY
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1175


Martin Van Buren High School
230-17 Hillside Avenue
Queens, NY 11427
(718) 776-4728
Martin Van Buren High School is located in Queens, NY and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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This school is by far one of the worst. I just recently entered as a Freshman. A handout was given that stated that the school was a Failing School. Do not get me wrong, the teachers are doing their job. However, the students are the worst kind you can come across. I plan on transferring out as soon as possible. Hopefully, this school gets shut down if there is no progress.
This school isn't a bad school by what I've observed. People here sitting behind the screens and typing reviews haven't seen the other side of the staff & school. Teachers aren't bad at all, infact they're excellent and the amount of efforts they're putting on students is commendable. The major problem that's occuring is because of students and even lack of parents interest. I'm a current student at this school, and Ive come across a few parents who came for their child's admission, compeletly worried of its a right choice? And I've always said them: 'it all depends upon your child.' What is he/she doing as a student & how is he/she choosing his/her company. Teachers are giving there 100% regardless of what students are showing them. This school doesn't have any certain amount of percentage for the admissions like many other institutions, it believes in educating each and every one regardless there past experiences or marks. They all are given opportunity to make themselves better and take advantage of highly expersinces and helpful teachers. I agree, the school might not be doing so well but it's putting a lot of efforts (only the staff and school administration) students have to realise that it's all for them and theyll be benifitted in the future. I feel sorry for those students who're not taking this opportunity in a positive way but again that all have an impact on the school's reputation. Some parents are also least bothered about their Child's performance (I've seen myself how they neglect teachers initiative) there is just lack of motivation amongst children. The day when children will concentrate on there future more than there fashion brands and parents will show some initiative, the school will be on top, without doubt. Everyone have capability to do wonders. But they have to put some efforts as well. I wish the students all the best and appreciate the staff for the hard work they're putring in children's who are least bothered about themselves.
My son attended this school. They do not have control over the students. They are loud and rude. The faculty was not able to control them. I think they were scare of the students. They have about 20 security guards around the premises. After classes there are cop cars patrolling the perimeter of the school. I attended a concert at the school and the kids did not sit quietly to listen to the music. They were yelling, talking, etc. The faculty did not do anything. My son did not go to the lunchroom because of the students. It is not a good school.
I am a former student. I graduated in 1964, I know the days of the dinosaurs. All this about early or late session and other things do not answer the question about the students. The school was a few years old when I attended and it was a great place of pride, we were well behaved, if there were gangs they were not very visible nor any problem. Parents and kids cared about school, the community and the world. Our generation had fear and respect for our teachers and would never think of doing some of the things we hear about today. What a pity that some students are disruptive and feel the right to ruin the education of others. I am the teacher and I only want the best for every student there but they are not entitled nor have the right to disrupt the teaching I work so hard at. I am in my 36th year and still love this profession but I know the students have indeed changed because they feel they are entitled to do whatever they please. Van Buren in my days was a school where kids were involved in the Peace Corps Teacher Corps, Civil Rights marches right there next to Dr. king, protesting Viet Nam and other social ills.
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