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Ps 100 Glen Morris

Queens, NY
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 954


Ps 100 Glen Morris
11111 118th Street
Queens, NY 11420
(718) 558-1510
Ps 100 Glen Morris is located in Queens, NY and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Honestly, have to say this is MOST PROBABLY the worst school ever. Teachers don't care about the students. They're lazy and won't spend an extra 5 mins on any child who doesn't understand what is being taught. And swiss forms are pure nonsense. Instead of helping them correct their mistakes it is easier to hand out swiss forms. This school is ridiculous. Education is NOT their main priority. Rethink before sending your child here.
I'm on the fence about this school. My problem with this school is that they do not try to "correct" or do anything about unprofessional staff, programs or general things that don't work. The lunch monitor will take your small child's lunch and throw it away if they 'misbehave'. How is that appropriate???? Go Math is a joke. The wording is unbelievably bad. I'm so grateful that my son has a great teacher now, but next year remains to be seen. Also, the bathrooms are disgusting. Must toilets DO NOT flush. Feces and urine fester in toilets for goodness knows how long. Health hazard. Even in kindergarten classrooms! I can guarantee the administration is aware of the bathroom situation which is the worst offense in my opinion, but they choose to do nothing about it. I feel if this were a 'different' neighborhood, this would be a non-issue. Working or not, parents need to get involved. These are YOUR children. Be aware of what goes on at YOUR child's school and do something, don't wait for someone else to.
I totally agreed with the last comment, this school is defiantly child favoritism, my son's teacher has given me the worst 1st time experience ever, she definitely chooses only parents who are in the PTA to be involve in school activities/ trips, she is not helpful at all. My son started kindergarten at 4, clearly he was very young and needs a little extra attention since all the other kids are 5 &6, I've spoken to his teacher numerous times and she does NOTHING; another example of the school is: my son had a science project which the who class participated in, the school invited all the parents to come see the work, when we get there only 3 chosen kids were addressed on the project, it broke my heart so much to see the disappointment in my sons eyes when he wasn't even acknowledged, when I spoke to the teacher she basically told me that my son needs to learn if he wants his name up he needs to do better, how do you tell a 5yr old that?? They have no consideration at all, my point was why invite the whole school if only 3 kids were given credit, even though the whole class participated! Every trip I want to attend I'm never chose but the PTA parent is!
My child has been in this school since kindergarten... The teachers are pretty good, not the best. My biggest problems with this school is child favoritism. If you are a parent that is involved in the PTA, then this school is for you, because they favor all the children whose parents are involved with the PTA... they give them all the good awards, reserve all the front seats to every event for them and they get to skip any line made, so if you're waiting outside for an hour they get to skip you in 30 seconds. This year the daughter of the former president of the PTA is named valedictorian... What a surprise there! They also force you to fill out the school survey before you get your child's report card or speak with the teacher... if your child is a special needs child, then this is definitely not the school for your child. As you can see their test scores are going down every year. I'm just glad that my child will graduate this year and I don't have to deal with the school anymore....
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