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William Cullen Bryant High School

Queens, NY
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2378


William Cullen Bryant High School
48-10 31st Avenue
Queens, NY 11103
(718) 721-5404
William Cullen Bryant High School is located in Queens, NY and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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I love it here. I am sadden by the unfounded attacks against the school and the Principal by trouble makers and teachers that been disciplined for their own wrong doing.Does Bryant have a problem with violence? Not as much as one might believe. Sure we have those students that lack direction, cut class and cause trouble outside of the school but if you do your work you can accomplish great things at this school. I am taking all Honors and AP courses. My fellow students all are as interested in learning as I am and therefore we have zero problems in my classes. The teachers are open to us asking questions, participating and pushing us beyond what we ever thought we could accomplish. Don't expect an easy-A from the majority of the teachers in Honors/AP. You have to work for it. I know that my education is preparing me for a top university.I do not have much experience with the Principal since I never do get in trouble and the only time I see her are for positive reasons (such as receiving an academic award). She is always nice to me. I heard she is strict to the troublemakers as she should be. Sadly, there are students whose parents expect the school to babysit them. The parents expect the school to take over the job as a parent. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be for all faculty members, including all teachers and the Principal. There are also faculty members that are blaming the Principal for their own failures. If you are a troublemaker (student or staff member) then of course you would hate the principal. She won't ignore your problems but actually push you to better yourself. That is apparently too much for some students to handle. As for the faculty members that are hiding behind their Union while attacking the school do realize that you are part of the problem. Overall for a public school this size in a neighborhood like Long Island City/Woodside, and for a school that is across the street from the housing projects we are actually quite good.
Teachers were horrible except 2 when I was there,some couldn't even spell. My whole life went to hell going here,most of the kids who go here are bad news. Learned nothing! Was a good school a long long time ago. A staff member or principal at the time tried to give my mom a how to be a parent book meanwhile the problem was I had severe anxiety n depression my mom didn't need a parent book
As a former student here, (a transition school between moving houses) I have had many bad encounters with many counselors and teachers! I have maybe, if not even, 1 to 2 teachers that I am fine with talking to. But counselors, AP's do not take the liberty to listen to students requests. Coming from another state... and a more prestigious school, pointing out negatives was way too easy! If you ask any student in this school if they are willing to transfer to a better school, they would take it without thinking twice. Both my sohpomore and junior year, my schedules were completely off even after constantly DEMANDING what class I needed (because I am an honors/ AP student) yet I am placed in ESL classes.. like what!?!? Teachers have failed me because of this schedule mishap and that I was "cutting" class fro 3 months! yea.. sure. The principal is probably the biggest mistake this school has ever had, I mean the school was going to close in 2012 because of her "great leadership". Being completely honest, a score of 4 is overrating this school. P.S those police officers walking around are like statues with a heartbeat never trust them :) No scamming.. all raw truth!
Though there are trouble makers, just like any other school, I really am enjoying my learning experience here. If you keep your focus and if you WANT to learn, then I recommend this school. There are so many programs and after school activities to get involved in and most of the teachers are not bad. It does have a bad reputation, but the school is getting better and better as time goes on. I thought I wasn't going to like it here, but I do. (I am a freshman here currently)
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