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Rye High School

Rye, NY
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1002


Rye High School
Parsons St
Rye, NY 10580
(914) 967-6100
Rye High School is located in Rye, NY and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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Academically, the experience has been very fulfilling. The level of courses offered is exactly what is needed to be competitive for the top colleges. Socially it has been a travesty! For a student who is shy, and not a member of the majority, this school can be brutal. The social aspect does ,of course, affect academic performance, so a kid that is a straight A student can become a B student; and a student who had great attendance, needs a mental health day at least twice monthly. Wondering if the academics is worth the trauma.
Rye High School is based in a nice, welcoming community. The teachers are all very helpful and engaging. The other students at the school involve themselves in many activies. The sports that Rye High School runs are great for character building as well as keeping students busy and interested. As a graduate of Rye High School, I would reccomend this school to anyone who is looking for a good education for their children. It is challenging, yet the teachers are willing to work with students in order to allow them to succeed.
My daughter has been here from 6-8th and entering 9th grade. We moved here for the education and safety factor. Teachers are outstanding (7 of 10 are) and the HS teachers are even better - told personally by parents with older kids. The major problem is there is no diversity here and it's not representative of the world that our children will have to perform in. Other major problem is, if your child has not been playing sports since/like 4th grade competitively to include sports camps, they will very likely never get on any of the teams, hence, they make half as many friends and are a second class citizen socially and to some degree confidence-wise. If these two issues have little value, I recommend this school 5 or 5 since the kids can also walk safely to a well monitored, town and learn independence much earlier...If your child is average or better excellent suggestion. If not, suggest they go somewhere else, since it seems like they actively try to dissuade low performers from attending to artificially elevate published performance stats.
No high school is going to be perfect for every kid, but Rye High does a great job overall. It tends to work more like a prep school than a typical average public school. It's clearly a competitive environment, where the expectation is that most students are not only going on to college, but to a selective college. A lot of kids graduate with more than six AP classes, some are essentially in a full college program by senior year. Every year, a few dozen kids go off to the Ivy League and the like. Sports and clubs are a big deal, and funded exceptionally well for a public school. It's an affluent community, and parents tend to pick up the slack where the school budget won't cover something. All that said, I don't think Rye High is the most inventive, creative environment. It's a bit old school in its approach, focusing on doing core education very well. There is good support for kids who struggle academically, but they could feel out of the mainstream. If diversity is important to you, you will hate this school. It's about as white bread as you'll find anywhere.
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