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Syosset Senior High School

Syosset, NY
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2108


Syosset Senior High School
70 South Woods Road
Syosset, NY 11791
(516) 364-5675
Syosset Senior High School is located in Syosset, NY and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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(2)- not worth the taxes that are paid. The tenured teachers making 150K + should be made to step-down and let new, fresh, enthusiastic teachers in!
A large majority of the teachers are highly qualified (my APUSH teacher is a published author, taught in the Committee for International Relations at U.Chicago and was a visiting Professor of Political Science at Ohio University). Students are extremely driven and are given the opportunity to take rigorous honors/AP courses. Administration is warm towards everyone and supports the students - all you have to do is ask. There are over 100 clubs and groups that people can join, so there's a place for everyone. Although the atmosphere may seem competitive and the workload overwhelming, it is great preparation for college.
I attend syosset high school and I'm honestly ashamed to call it my school. Sure, the academic programs offered aren't offered in many other schools, but that would be the only good thing. First, the competition for grades (i don't play sports so I don't know how that is) is absolutely terrible, as students are so competitive that they falsely accuse others of cheating. The food is disgusting, and my teacher and some students I know were food poisoned (I personally don't eat the food I can't even stand the smell). The teachers are either really nice or really mean. The teachers give way too much homework (AP or not), and it's impossible to have free time because it's mandatory to join a minimum of 2 clubs, and it's impossible to get the credits, as the clubs meet all on the same few days and you must attend every meeting (and the meetings often last long and feed into your homework time). The worst part is, the students here are absolutely terrible. They didn't let the Mural Club paint our school mascot on the wall because it was "offensive" . Worse than that, bullying is very common and I haven't met one student there who hasn't been a bully. There is terrible racism also. I'm white, so people assume I have to be preppy (and I'm not). The Asian students always call the white people "stupid white boy/girl"- I've experienced and witnessed it. The school does NOTHING about bullying, they care only about their test ratings. I highly DON'T recommend attending this school. Trust me, there are much better schools out there.
Syosset just conducted a PTA meeting where a bond proposal was discussed to modernize the schools (particularly the high school). These schools are falling apart, the facilities are disgraceful and, frankly, embarrassing. Yes, there are very smart students that go here and receive many awards. Also consider that these students often supplement their Syosset education with outside private instruction as most parents in the area have the means to provide it for their kids. The district benefits from these students because they test well and drive up Syosset's scores. If you move to Syosset "for the schools" know that the education they are receiving is average at best. The teachers are generally friendly and accessible and do what is required of them. I am considering moving to another district with modernized facilities and more extra-curricular options. I am finding there are many districts in Nassau County that offer significantly more than Syosset at about the same tax rate that are all highly rated. Overall this district has been disappointing.
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