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Clover High School

Clover, SC
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2327


Clover High School
1625 State Highway 55
Clover, SC 29710
(803) 810-8200
Clover High School is located in Clover, SC and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Clover High is a great school , I am originally from the north east so i was also had initial concerns based on what i had heard on the news, the High school has expanded to make room for the growing population in the area and built a larger Middle School in addition to the one located closer to Lake Wylie. All students receive Ipads and Mac books depending on what grade you are in , they have also added swimming to the elementary curriculum which takes place at the newly built Clover School district YMCA. My son has been in the school system since Kindergarten and is now a Sophomore in high school. I have been very pleased with his education thus far and would highly recommend it to others. Lake Wylie area is part of York County and utilizes the same high school, the many residence in Lake Wylie would like to separate themselves from Clover in an effort to gain some type of "status" however it is all part of the same school system and children seem to flourish no matter what elementary of middle school they attend. There are exceptions here as there are in any school but overall., however I would certainly give the schools system an A
Clover HS in general ranks in the top of the state and for good reason. The school is experiencing similar growing pains to Fort Mill but overall remains one of the best schools to go to. I am not originally from Clover, but grew up my whole life in upstate SC, graduated from SC high school and went on to get my BS from Clemson. I think Clover school systems are some of the best i have seen in the state. The facilities are phenomenal as well as the caliber of students passing through. The only people I hear complain are those who relocated from the "north" because we don't do thins "their" way. I understand different regions have different methods of doing things, but the only issue with the school is the increasing population brought on by those migrating here. Not really sure how people can complain about the schools overcrowding when they are the one's causing the issues? Why dont you demand 1ac minimum lot sizes and stop the massive developments on .001 ac per lot? That seems to be more of the issue than anything else in our town. Yes - I live on 10+ acres. Overall, the school is great and will provide one of the best, if not the best public education in the Charlotte area.
This school is not so great. If you have a child or children that may have some sort of disability, no matter how slight. Some teachers openly harass some students. If your child has a disability and might fall behind, very few of the teachers actually care to help the student/ your child. You can forget the upper management/ principle and his cadre, he is more interested in getting some title more than helping your child. The same for his cadre, just give them a title and that is all they are interested in. Assaults on students by other students just keep it quite, the sheriff's office will help, especially if their little jocks are involved. Broom stick anyone? Studnets harassing other students,hey some teacher's will help by laughing at the harassment and not correcting the harasser. Needs state or federal investigation done of this school.
The school has grown to big, is over-crowded, and there is a noticeable difference between the two Middle Schools that feed the high school. Obviously a new high school needs to be built on the Lake Wylie side. Academically the school is acceptable if you are in the AP program, otherwise its "Lord of the Flies" with 600 kids per grade. The AP teachers are very good. If you want to play sports, and I mean play not be on the team as a participant you better know someone. It's all who you know, good ole' boy network here. The Athletic progam as a whole is poorly run, extremely unorganized, out-dated, and just plain out-classed by the surrounding schools. Having had experience with other high schools, this one is kind of in the middle, depends on what you are looking for. If you like big schools, good AP programs, and you have no interest in athletics then you will like Clover HS. Overall it's average at best.
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