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Summit Drive Elementary School

Greenville, SC
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 442


Summit Drive Elementary School
424 Summit Drive
Greenville, SC 29609
(864) 355-8800
Summit Drive Elementary School is located in Greenville, SC and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Super positive and education focused environment. A great neighborhood elementary school with a caring staff and family environment. Great pta
very negative and disheartening. lasting scars when only one person gives a valentine in the valentine box because the others were influenced by the bullies. valentine boxes should not exist.
Summit Drive Elementary is a good school for the most part. It has a great small feel & we have not had a bad teacher at Summit Drive! Our only complaint is the Late Stay program. One afternoon my child was playing on the playground and fell off the monkey bars. She cried for over an hour and the late stay staff told her repeatedly to be quiet. The staff didn't bother to call me to pick her up & when I did pick her up an hour after the incident she was still crying & in obvious pain. The staff advised that she did not break her arm - I took one look at her & knew right away something was wrong. We went to the ER & sure enough it was broken. Every time I went into the cafeteria to pick up my children, the entire class would be sitting in silence with their heads down on the table as if they were in detention (usually b/c one child was being too loud). The Late Stay staff treated the children as if they were a nuisance & the pgm was run like a prison. One staff member would not let the children use pencils for sketching in art center as she said it might get on the table. She also wouldn't let the children put together a puzzle of the USA at game center as she said the pieces wld create a mess! My child took a sip from her H20 btl and this particular staff member PUT HER IN TIME OUT & PUBLICALLY SHAMED her for taking the sip from her H20 bottle while sitting at the table doing her homework. If you're going to punish my child for misbehaving, make sure it is warranted! My child has a medical condition and she must stay hydrated! It's one thing to be strict and mean, but blatantly depriving them of water affects their physical health! I brought this to the directors attention & she advised that even though H20 btls were allowed in the classrooms during the school day they were not allowed during Late Stay as H20 might get spilled on the floor! What?! We demanded an apology from the staff member and she had the nerve to deny the incident (even after multiple children corroborated the story). She was not reprimanded, however, she finally did offer an insincere apology about a week later. Sadly, I had to change my work schedule so my children do not have to endure this very unhealthy environment and are no longer being punished for their parents having to work. Great school & teachers, but TERRIBLE Late Stay Staff and Program. Beware!
Great community school. We've had very good teachers and have been happy with the late stay program. Both of my kids love late stay and the programs that are offered during. It's also a plus that they get help with homework and their homework is always done when I pick them up. It is a very diverse school and all of the kids are very polite. We love it there.
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