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Bailey Middle School

Austin, TX
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1006


Bailey Middle School
4020 Lost Oasis Hollow
Austin, TX 78739
(512) 414-4990
Bailey Middle School is located in Austin, TX and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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I felt the need to review Bailey since the 2 most recent comments do not in my opinion accurately reflect the quality of education and support at Bailey. While I do not know what the atmosphere for staff on the inside is like I know that teachers in general are held more and more to the idea that they are responsible for raising their students. This is a national problem and as an educator myself (HS teacher in another district) I very much understand this problem, but it is not singularly a problem at BMS. Students at Bailey regularly do well on the STAAR exam and even out preform other Middle School students in AISD and the state which I think BMS is not given enough credit for. Additionally the turnover rate at Bailey is low which is generally a good sign that teachers and staff feel generally supported by administration. Students metal health is a national problem and not restricted to Bailey MS. I think in light of this unprecedented time that a new light has been shone on our children and how overwhelming our current education system is on our children. I am hopeful that things will take a turn to the positive in focusing on the whole child.As for favoritism, I know that teachers do their best to treat every child equally, but it is a natural occurrence. Even adults in the work place will have people they get along with better than others, and while students should be given fair and equal treatment you cant stop teachers from sometimes connecting with some students better than others. Lastly to the parent who is upset by ISS. Schools have limited ways to give consequences and as a student moves up in age those consequences also have to adjust. Where in elementary school a child might lose time at recess, at the Middle school and High school level about all they have within their power is ISS and OSS. If the rules are no holding hands (which was a rule in MS when I was a MS student back in 2000) then your child should follow the rule. If it is a continual issue then a parent should go directly to the school administration to see what they and the school can do to help the student be more successful.
There needs to be a lot of focus on this schools Faculty and Staff. So many great kids here. Way to many kids are feeling down on themselves from the way the school is handling situations that are above and beyond extreme we really need to focus on our these kids as if they are your own. Show leadership positively not scornfully! Show respect by respecting them and calling there own parents to scold them not you as a faculty and staff. Just because other kids might be on the wrong path doesn’t mean everyone else is a Target! This isn’t a Jail it’s middle school. I’m seeing these kids fall left and right from they’re confidence and it’s so sad and not right. It needs to be fixed sooner than later. Lastly the favoritism between some teachers and students is way off and needs to come to a halt immediately. No child should ever feel they don’t matter over another student! Stay positive as a Whole always!!
Poor. The use and abuse of ISS is ridiculous, You get ISS and a referral for ANYTHING! It used to be reserved for the really bad kids and really bad offenses... now anyone and everyone gets it. For example - if you HOLD the hand of a boy or girl - YOU GET ISS! Ridiculous.
I've only ever had positive experiences when dealing with staff at Bailey Middle School. They have strong leadership, great programs and the student community is engaged and challenged.
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