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Hill Country Middle School

Austin, TX
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1072


Hill Country Middle School
1300 Walsh Tarlton Lane
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 732-9220
Hill Country Middle School is located in Austin, TX and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 10 out of 10
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My daughter has done very well at this school. She has had some excellent teachers who have supported her throughout her time there. The one complaint I would have is the staff in the front. One in particular does not seem to like her job and seems put out by parents picking up kids or dropping off forgotten items and she is sure to let you know this. Also, there are monitors in the halls who seem to be there just to make sure your child isn't violating dress code. I have never allowed my daughter to go to school dressed inappropriately but they have become ridiculous, making some students put their hands down and checking that fingertips do not go beyond the bottom of shorts. They are very selective in this process, as the cheerleading uniforms at this school clearly violate the dress code policy. These must be the same girls who are overlooked when they might as well be wearing daisy dukes. They are never checked or told to call their parents for a new set of shorts. The school dress code does not apply to everyone it seems.
and make learning fun. Quality is not compromised at any cost. Students are recognized for all their efforts.
Most of the teachers at Hill Country are incredibly dedicated, however, if your child loves music, wants to participate in band and is not a robot, take him or her somewhere else. The band directors do extremely well winning awards, because they have an incredible pool of kids to pull from, but they are more concerned with the trophy than the child's love of music; practice records must be perfect, not just an indication of having practiced. Kids who start out loving music often leave, with a profound dislike for band. The administration endorses it, because it looks good when trophies come home. That said, the Latin teachers are incredible, dedicated and fun teachers. There are math teachers at Hill Country who seem never to sleep. And there are science teachers who give so much of themselves, it is truly amazing. We've had two disappointing English teachers. But the history teachers, art, theater arts and sports programs have been wonderful. Overall, this is a great school, but the administration does not make it so; the teachers and students do. And the band directors shouldn't be working with kids.
This school is great for learning, but the students that go there are mostly stuck up, and are just rich white people. You could put any group if teachers with these students and they would do well. That's because they all have family's that can help them out every second of their life, which most students in Austin don't have. The secret to this schools success is the student, not at all the teacher. Unless your white and wear nike and other name brands you probably won't fit in. To add to that this is probably the least diverse school in the Austin area.
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