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Bedford J High School

Bedford, TX
  • Public
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  • Grades 7-9
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  • Enrollment: 832


Bedford J High School
325 Carolyn Drive
Bedford, TX 76021
(817) 788-3101
Bedford J High School is located in Bedford, TX and serves grades 7-9.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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Reviews4 Reviews

Wish I had moved my child sooner. He excelled at his new school. His complete "being" improved. Unless your child is a football player, I do not recommend this school.
My sister went to school here and she hated it sooooo—but then we moved so idk. But there’s a courtyard with an open roof and I don’t like that because reasons.
I would say it's been pretty good I am going to be a freshman next school year, so i have one more year. I like the theater program and the step team, but the pep rallies are boring and they only give step team 2-4 minutes to perform which isn't fair because the cheerleaders get the whole time to perform , and the cheerleaders do the same things each pep rally each school year since I've been here. Some kids do gossip obviously there has been minor picking bullying, but nothing too extreme also I've NEVER been bullied. There has been vaping issues at the school last school year there were girls vaping in the bathroom and they got in school suspension , and something else. Also the pep rallies they are pretty much doing the same thing every time. But they are renovating the school so it's going to be bigger and better looking by next school year. The teaching could be better some teachers just put the notes on the board then we copy them, then we do some school work , or homework. 1-10 i would rate my experience a 9.5 because of the teaching and activities. Also the sports are not bad but the try outs from my twin brothers experience can be pretty intense.
The school could be so much better. The teachers are biased, the students can be cruel and cold, and I frankly hated almost every second of it. During my Seventh Grade year I wasn`t picked on much, but one of my best friends was. The called her emo and a freak and she cryed almost every day. I left to be home schooled for 8th grade this year and am going to return to BJH on Monday. During my time in homeschool all my friends are the victims of bullying. The staff does nothing about the bullying and it makes me mad. The staff treats kids like me like the students do, if they don`t like you they ignore you. They like the 'popular kids' better than kids like me 'the nerdy wierd kids'. If it were up to me, I would never go back.