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Copperas Cove High School

Copperas Cove, TX
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2214


Copperas Cove High School
400 South 25th Street
Copperas Cove, TX 76522
(254) 547-2534
Copperas Cove High School is located in Copperas Cove, TX and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Two or more races

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If you absolutely have to send your child here, be aware of the problems that will ultimately arise. This is not a “safe” area either, the amount of threats that have happened within this school year (2019-2020) are astounding. If you’re child does attend this school, please make your kid participate in some out-of-school activity because they’ll have a hard time trying to find their place in this school. If you’re active duty look into another school before this one. While I have had good experiences this year, overall this school is incredibly underwhelming and really doesn’t challenge students academically. You have to sift through many teachers to find one that truly cares about their kids education. The staff at the front were very rude to us when we first came and a couple of the counselors seem like they don’t even want to be here. The student to teacher ratio is so unbalanced, so classes switch between being way too big or way too small. There have also been cases of student-teacher relationships so watch out. The students themselves seem bored, and many tend to act out because they need help that the school refuses to give. If you’re low-income, the school does try to aid you, but some staff literally don’t care about what you or your child needs. Drugs-use, alcohol-use, and sex are commonplace so watch your kids closely. My experience has been frustrating whenever I need to talk to a higher up because there is little to no time to talk to anyone about anything. Communication with any of the staff is mediocre and unhelpful most of the time. Those in charge of attendance do mess up occasionally, they have counted me with unexcused absences before (despite having a doctor’s notes).The overall cleanliness of the school is poor. Good luck during flu season, many parents don’t vaccinate their kids and the school gets on your butt about masks (not those fake decorative ones, like real n95 masks). The school also has a hard time cleaning the classrooms as many of them still have trash since the beginning of the year. The bathrooms are almost always a mess too. Oh and for the icing on the cake —despite how much the children try to be inclusive the school is a very conservative place. If your kid is lgbtq or of any race besides white there may be problems with bullying (and not just from other kids).
I went to pick up my little sister and yes my mom forgot to put on as a contact. So it's was a issue but Marion in the front was very unhelpful cut me off when I was speaking to her didn't say excuse me and picked up the phone while I was speaking to her. I had to ask her what to do to get my sister out she did not offer any help it was like playing 21 questions with her. I finally got an answer from her what I needed to do I called my mom and my mom called the school and she was giving her a hard time?!
Too many rules limit the human mind. This school will strip your children of their individuality, If they have any left. Teach your children to question everything they here, and that bending to conformity will deprive them of their freedom. Let them decide their own morals and tell them not to impose them on others.
i just came to this school this year and it was a big change. i made friends quickly but most of them are guys because the girls here are self centered and catty. but i feel like i haven't learned anything. i got a lot of work done in my old school and every student here just doesn't shut up and pay attention to the class. all my grades are low!! and some of my teachers are strict and don't teach very well. i hate school but i do wanna learn. i only like coming to talk to my friends.
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