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Arcadia Park Elementary School

Dallas, TX
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 652


Arcadia Park Elementary School
1300 North Justin Avenue
Dallas, TX 75211
(972) 502-5300
Arcadia Park Elementary School is located in Dallas, TX and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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I read a new review today posted on 02/25 by a 'teacher'. I giggled as i read on ...**Also,the school is very well protected with its security system and discipline problems are very minimal and small** Really?? So can you please explain the news channel that reported a couple weeks ago about someone burning down the playground at this school, and the school not having insurance to cover the damage? Still by far the worst school my kids have attended, the drop off in the morning was awful, and so was the pick up in the afternoon. Everything is so disorganized at this school, and it starts at the top, and trickles to the bottom. Teachers are not involved whatsoever, many of my notes/calls were never answered. They have phones in the classrooms but NEVER answer, even when its supposed to be their 'planning' time. If your kids go here, and if you have options, PLEASE take them somewhere else. Look into your options; as a parent you owe it to your kids to get a great education. I did, and it was the best decision i ever made.
I am so happy and proud to be teaching at this school. The kids here are really good kids and they are willing to learn. Our school is not perfect, but it is better than MANY schools I've taught at in Dallas and Houston ISD. It was mentioned by a parent that the schools play ground was burned down. This is true, but by someone in the neighborhood, not by one of our kids who appreciates and care for our school. We are ranked in the stop 40 out of 151 elementary schools in DISD and also have good STAAR scores with many of our kids going on to magnet schools. (check out our 2013-2014 5th grade scores) We offer after school tutoring and enrichment programs such as Art, Physical ED, Drum Line and Recorder band that participates in many community activities. We also have a very active and well attended PTA that benefits our school as well. For the parent(s) that felt that Arcadia Park was not for their child, GODSPEED TO YOU and we wish you and your child well, never the less we will continue to keep our school as one of THE BEST Elementary Schools in West Dallas.
This school is newer and bigger than the old one, but definitely not better education wise. Some teachers strongly remind me of the movie 'Bad Teacher', they are in teaching for the wrong reasons. I also do not understand why students have to adhere to a uniform policy, but some teachers look 'sloppy' and dress so inappropriate for a classroom. I went to AP as a child and loved going there, When we had the same principal the whole time I attended. Now we have one that well, is a clear example of having a degree doesn't make you smart scenario. This school was exemplary at one point, but as soon as she came in, the school rating dropped. Even reading some reviews on here I am more convinced that their needs to be change. Parents also need to be more involved, and show respect for this school. Dropping off kids in the morning is a nightmare, they park in front of the door, which then backs up school buses and other parents dropping off their kids, all because they don't want to park, and walk an extra 5 feet. This has to be a team effort, but working with some of the staff here is very discouraging, the 'I don't know and do not care' attitude is in abundance starting from the top.
I have to admit this is a pretty decent school.The teachers are ok, but nothing extraordinary. The principal lacks experience and is persuaded easily, but she is ok for the most part. I don't understand the 'parents' that rate this school '5' stars, but their comments left have so many misspelled words and incomplete sentences, perhaps going back to school may help you. I would hope that this school gets better with time, we shall see.
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