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Klein Forest High School

Houston, TX
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 3708


Klein Forest High School
11400 Misty Valley Drive
Houston, TX 77066
(832) 484-4500
Klein Forest High School is located in Houston, TX and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Native American
Two or more races

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I'm A senior here at KF and in my years here have opened my eyes and have taught me how to deal with other people and their pepersonalities. When people say the school doesn't prepare you for the future i laugh because the school offers a wide range of programs to prepare you the even have college readiness counselors to help you with college needs. Of course the people that disagree obviously haven't been to the college and career center or the logic lounge to get outstanding help. Overall the school is a great school and i don't regret graduating from here.
Klein Forest is an awesome school! It is known as the underdog of all the Klein ISD schools, but it is now moving into a positive direction! There are little to no fights, all situations are taken seriously, student behavior and school spirit are high and continuing to increase everyday, the teachers are wonderful, the AP's are handling the school properly, students are making good grades! This is a positive place to be, there are many clubs and organizations for students to join and I personally love the atmosphere that I am surrounded by when I am in the Forest! It is the most diverse school in Klein ISD and the students and teachers all use that characteristic to their advantage! Bullying is not a problem, there are little to no gang activity going on, and the class of 2014-2015 has completely changed the image of Klein Forest greatly! I am proud to be a golden eagle and I can not wait to see what positive innovations my class has to offer next
I'm a new student here at Klein Forest & so far the year has been getting better and better. Before I came here I heard many rumors saying that Klein Forest was "ghetto". I'm 9 weeks into this school year and from my experiences, those rumors have been completely proven wrong. Of course there are the group of kids that don't care for school, but then again which school doesn't have that? This is a very old school compared to the previous one I was enrolled in, but to my surprise Klein Forest is huge. I was expecting graffiti on the walls & chipping paint, but the school could pass as a top of the line campus. I am definitely looking forward to my next few years here at Klein Forest. I've heard of fist fights breaking out, but I haven't seen any. This school is somewhat diverse, but it could be argued. Minorities are the majority here. (Hispanics & African-Americans) There's only a handful of caucasian people and honestly, they're so scarce here that they stand out. Not that it matters, but maybe you were intersted. Overall, Klein Forest is an above average school.
Anybody who is anybody who watches the news may know us as that school with all those hood kids or that ghetto school. Our school is not ghetto at all it is actually a pretty good school. They have some really good programs at my school and the principle is doing her best to change some things there. I think the school improve by sort there money out better instead of putting it all towards one thing that is actually not that important to us. We could build a stadium, so we could a little nicer and stop being called the poorer ghetto Klein school.
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