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Lawrence E Elkins High School

Missouri City, TX
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2307


Lawrence E Elkins High School
7007 Knights Court
Missouri City, TX 77459
(281) 634-2600
Lawrence E Elkins High School is located in Missouri City, TX and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Elkins is, well different. But in such a great way. All(Excuse me, MOST) of the teachers are real chill. I may be only a freshman but I know a lot of the faculty( maybe 1/3?) and i have yet to meet a bad teacher. All of them are truly committed to helping the students become successful!
Dealing with the administration of this school has been one of the worse experiences I have had in my life. You have to call over & over again or send a 100 emails. I had to get student affairs to contact the principal so she would return my calls. The only solution they offer is tutoring for a struggling student & all they told me was NO, NO, NO on my requests. In conferences, they not only insulted the teachers & their abilities to teach, but insulted myself &my daughter blaming us for her struggling grades. They failed to realize as they said this that it was us reaching out to them. I had to go as far as contacting the superintendent to get anything accomplished. I have been told several different stories on why schedules where changed, they contradicted themselves numerous times in conversations & just plain didn't care and seemed that instead of wanting to help, they just wanted to brush this under the rug. Word to the wise, document everything. I printed out phone logs, emails and recorded conversations and meetings. Its hard to argue with the facts.
As a student, I feel like elkins could do so much better. Instead of wasting money on IDs and closing off the front foyer area (which makes halls even more congested than they were before), they could be using that money for the students' education. I know they say they're doing it for safety and security, but look at all the other schools that don't have the "precautions" we have. Good teachers are hard to find there, as well as help. Majority of teachers just put power points on a screen and sit at their desk all day. Overall, elkins is not as great as a school as it used to be.
{former teacher} All I can say is that as long the current administration {BW, JS, SR} is there, DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL! Teachers are miserable and the students suffer for it. Athletics are not properly respected by admin and not supported. They are lucky to have the good coaches that they have, who do their best to create good athletic programs with little admin support. I would wait until the admin changes before sending my child.
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