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Pflugerville Middle School

Pflugerville, TX
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1017


Pflugerville Middle School
1600 Settlers Valley Drive
Pflugerville, TX 78660
(512) 594-2000
Pflugerville Middle School is located in Pflugerville, TX and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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the teachers give up on us as students and don't take action against bulling. teachers also do not fit to students needs and often ignore the ones who need help.
While this entire review is my opinion, I strongly believe in it....My children had horrible experiences at Pflugerville Middle School. I read the other reviews, and I really feel like they have been posted by staff and not parents. Absolutely I believe the office staff such as one of the Asst. Principals and particularly one of the counselors do play favorites and lie through their teeth to suit their needs. I have experienced this first hand! There are many incidents of drugs and violence. I had a child bullied, and while they say they promote a no tolerance attitude, the reality is they will always say they have no proof. However, if your child is not one of the favorites ones, by this I don't necessarily mean a good student either, than they punish as they see fit even without proof. Again, I have experienced this on more than one occasion. This school really needs monitoring by the school district and even an independent evaluator. The kids are told to report things to the office and not to the school resource officer. I believe this could only be for the purpose of hiding things and to pick and choose what they feel is important enough to address. There are some great teachers at this school. However, they can only do so much. My children were direct victims of bullying, and I will say even by certain staff members. I did take my issues up with the Principal to only have them swept under the rug. This includes a concern of an assault for which nothing was done! I have spoken to many parents, and I'm no alone in my feelings and opinion. If I had it to do over, my children would never have attended this school, and I'm very thankful they have left it. Maybe with some direct monitoring, things would be different, but until it is addressed seriously by an independent covenant, I would try a different school.
I think my school could really use the money. We've been subjected to budget cuts. Vital programs, like theater are being given less money because the school needs to buy important things. The text books are old, the desks are torn up, and the school hasn't been renovated since 1985, it's opening date. With the money my school would provide a safer and more beautiful environment for the students to learn and grow in. I truly believe the students of PMS have the potential to grow into amazing people, but we need an amazing school to do just that.
I am a student that currently attends this school right now it's summer break but I am about to enter 8th grade and so far this school has given me the worst experience. I have had a lot of bullying issues happen to me yet the teachers don't seem to care or notice and when I did inform them they would always make the issue worse by picking favorites or by not paying attention to what really happened I would really reccomend any parents who plan to put there students in this school to think twice and choose another middle school if that's possible take this advice from a student who is more aware of what happens than parents or teachers, and I have also witnessed many other students being bullied and teachers aren't doing anything about it I know many people who have changed schools due to this issue
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