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Joe Hubenak Elementary School

Richmond, TX
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 844


Joe Hubenak Elementary School
11344 Rancho Bella Pkwy
Richmond, TX 77406
(832) 223-2900
Joe Hubenak Elementary School is located in Richmond, TX and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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My child’s teacher, assistant principal, & counselor all held a meeting to tell me they think my child is autistic & are trying to persuade me to have him evaluated with the school district’s psychologist. My child is 6 and this is the first and only time I’ve ever heard of someone thinking he is autistic. I feel horrible every day I send my son to school because in their minds they are done with him and want him in a program rather than in their classroom. I feel like he is heavily focused on in a very negative way & it breaks my heart because he is not autistic.Almost daily, I get paragraphs in his daily folder. Examples of the complaints against him are: He said no when asked if he wanted to sit. Cried when he accidentally dropped his lunch on the floor. Refused to participate in PE because he said his legs were tired. They are treating and acting like my child is horrible and he is not. They had me come in for an observation in PE since that is when he is the naughtiest.I watched for about 30 minutes or so and saw nothing out of the norm. I was told he was having a “good” day and that’s why I didn’t see the autism. Then I was pulled into an office and again was being persuaded to start the process for him to be evaluated again. They keep pressuring me & have seemingly given up on my child. I’m really upset. I’ve never had to deal with this before.I don’t know if there is a pay out or something to have children with disabilities in their school but I feel like their has to be a motive. They seem like the type of people that overly label and medicate any child that has a quirk they do not want to deal with. It breaks my heart.
Great communication and interaction with teachers. My son loves his school. We love the educational atmosphere of Hubenak School.
Be ware if your child has a learning disability, as a parent I had to pay $850 to independently test my child for dyslexia because this schools administration fought me on the issue. I even requested an ARD meeting and demanded a test for dyslexia be performed...to no surprise the results were skewed to ensure my son was not admitted into the 504 program. Consequently my son went through two more years of agony and bullying at this school due to lack of accommodations. Now I am in the process of hiring an attorney because my son is not the only child that has unfortunately had to endure this type of negligence. The school is run like a military, but if your child does not need accommodations and can test well, you will be fine. If they do not test well, the administration will only recommend retention without an effort to address underlying issues...or in my case, to get a letter from the pediatrician that my son has "attending issues" when they really have a learning disability. Please don't bother voicing your concerns to the school board because they so not return calls or return emails. I wish this was all a bad dream, because I love my home but hate the district zoning.
This is the first year at Hubenak for our 4th and 5th grader. We absolutely love it! The teachers go above and beyond to communicate any weaknesses and area of improvements for our children, as well as compliment their strengths. Wonderful PTA and the front office has always been courteous and considerate of our needs.
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