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Candlewood Elementary School

San Antonio, TX
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 608


Candlewood Elementary School
3635 Candleglenn
San Antonio, TX 78244
(210) 662-1060
Candlewood Elementary School is located in San Antonio, TX and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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Multiple opportunities available for parent involvement. Welcoming to parents.
Absolutely horrible experience with this school and the way they handle discipline.
My son is very intelligent, has a penchant for leadership, and is outspoken and witty - which equates to him being suspended, repeatedly, for issues that every kid who is 10 years old encounters and can usually resolve himself; i.e., disagreements with classmates on the playground, etc. This school seems to find it necessary to categorize every situation into who is the "bully" and who is being "bullied"...this sets up a scenario where any kid can claim he is being "bullied", and the consequences are dire. My son was FALSELY accused of "bullying", he moved another kid's backpack that was on top of his own, picked up his backpack and put the other kid's down where it was - and that kid told the teacher my son was taking or hiding the backpack, which was NOT THE CASE. This resulted in my son BEING SENT TO ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL!! Now he has a disciplinary record that prevents me from enrolling him in a better but more selective charter school. What the overall impression this gives is that kids had better watch out for each other, because if one of them wants to get another in trouble, all they have to do is accuse them of "bullying" !! This detracts from REAL bullying issues . Out of school suspensions is the constant go-to solution for every problem, whether warranted or not. Since when is keeping a kid out of school, taking away his education, a solution of ANY kind?? Especially when the issue at hand is minute and could be easily resolved if the teachers would take a moment to see what's really going on. My son has been here since kindergarten, and has been on the honor roll EVERY semester until this past one - regardless of numerous suspensions he has been given and alternative school placement for 3 weeks. He is in the 1% racial group at this school, and that seems to be playing a real part in why he is continually suspended. ALSO, one of his teachers has truly "bullied" my son in front of the class twice now, and NOTHING has been done - I am about to file a complaint with the school board. The academic level of this school is PATHETIC, I am my son's primary teacher at home because the curriculum is so substandard, they pretty much assure that the students, who are mostly considered to be disadvantaged kids, stay that way. Because this is a low income area, the kids pay the price and receive an inadequate education.
The worst school I have ever had the misfortune to send my child to. Most of the teachers and staff don't care about the kids and have to spend more time with the children who have disciplinary issues, which there are a lot. Bullying is a huge issue and the teachers can't do anything about it. The new principal seems to care and is trying to change things for the better. However, don't expect to get any time from him unless you're kid is in his office in trouble. My child makes great grades and her teacher is great but one good teacher does not out weigh the rest. I really hope those who have the chance enroll their kids down the street in Master elementary because I highly recommend to keep your child away from this school. Also on an important note they have terrible accountability of their kids. Three times I attempted to pick my child up and it took them 20 minutes to find her!
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