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Mission Academy

San Antonio, TX
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  • Grades PK-8
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  • Enrollment: 584


Mission Academy
9210 South Presa Street
San Antonio, TX 78223
(210) 438-6880
Mission Academy is located in San Antonio, TX and serves grades PK-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Native American

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Mission Academy is a school that has come along way. I look forward to this school continuing to grow as the years progress. This school is small and I feel my child gets a lot of one on one interaction.A number of parents have tattoos and/or colored hair etc, no one is singled out or treated differently bases on this because they are adults not children. In such a diverse community it seems wrong to criticize another adult over the color of their hair.
This by far has to be the worst school I have ever encountered. It is not parent friendly at all. The majority of the staff needs a serious attitude adjustment. Most are too old and grouchy to be dealing with young children. Especially the heavy set old man who acts as the crossguard and the rest of the volunteers that are at the entrance in the mornings. The principal does not seem to want to be bothered with any of the parents concerns. In the mornings I am expected to just drop my 4 YEAR OLD daughter off at the crosswalk and just pray that she finds her way to her classroom safely. I was told there would be someone to guide her every morning but have come to find through a family friend who works there that this is not true. I have seen several other parents share my same concern for their children but the principal does not want to hear it. She wants to enforce the same policies on 4-5 year olds as she does on 8th grade students. Which in my opinion is truly ridiculous. Children that young can get lost and easily walk out through one of the many exits, especially since there is not enough supervision in the hallways. In the afternoons, pick up is terribly chaotic. On top of taking nearly half an hour just to be able to get my daughter, I have had my child handed to the wrong parent twice in less than a week. They don't even look back, they just bring the child out the gate and go back in without taking a second glance. They have so many volunteers in the morning and afternoon making sure parents don't park in certain areas. Instead of focusing so much on parking, they should focus on organization and safety of the students. This whole school is a joke, it is such a shame being that the building itself is very nice. Needless to say I am actively searching for a new school for my daughter.
This school has the least hands on principle I've ever seen 2014. If you have any concerns don't expect the principal do anything or respond to your emails. There are no sports activities at this school even though they have a gym, baseball field, and track. If you want your kids to play sports they have to play for another school. Apparently there is no dress code for teachers. There are many dressed inappropriate and are allowed to have shockingly unnatural hair color. That's really not a great role model for young impressionable kids. Also be prepared for recurring hair in food or even frozen lasagna. This school staff lacks professional personality and more than that a leader.
This school is not family friendly! No parent participation allowed during Christmas activities was a real bummer. You got to watch out on the activities they advertise as "family fun" 9 times out of 10 the activity is dull and lacking for the entire family. My daughter has seen a sub more this year than her own teacher. When I went for a conference she could not even get off of her phone long enough to take care of a simple concern. During her updating her Facebook status she informed me that she was trying to have a baby!!! Not to be rude or anything I personally did not want to know that. My daughter was the issue not the teachers sex life! This school would be last choice if I had to choose again. Thank goodness we are moving out of state soon. The only pro to this school is the building itself!
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