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Marshall Middle School

Marshall, VA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 482


Marshall Middle School
4048 Zulla Rd
Marshall, VA 20115
(540) 364-1551
Marshall Middle School is located in Marshall, VA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Awful leadership at Marshall Middle School. Steer clear!
My son is in his 8th grade year at MMS. The school atmosphere is very positive and there is a lot of emphasis on teaching students the importance of service as well as academics. I have been pleased with the majority of his teachers and the administrative staff is excellent.
Mr. Graham, our new principal, is a wonderful manager for his staff and role model to the students. He and our VP are not tucked away hidden behind their desks, but out in the student's view as bus call, lunch, and throughout the day. They are truly engaged in the students' well-being. While we all put an emphasis on learning, we also find the value in how happiness impact the school environment. One example, the gym coaches plan wonderful events for the students with team building ties and reward based events so that the students can also enjoy being "kids" still. It creates a wonderful community within our walls. Teachers come to work with joy in their hearts and our short detention list proves that the students are genuinely happy in this place. It's a gem for teachers, staff, parents, and especially our precious students.
One day My daughter's bus was 30 mins late so I called transportation to see where the bus was. I was then told my daughter did not get on the bus after school. I panicked! Transportation called MMS and told me the office was paging her and they spoke to the principal. Transportation explained the situation. The principal told them "I don't get off until 5 and I'm not going outside until then. I will look for her then"! When I was told this I could have reached through the phone! My child is missing and you won't help? Transportation said they were going to make more calls. I then texted a mom that was on the field trip and asked her what time the field trip bus returned to school. She replied they should be at MMS in about 20 mins! My panic turned to relief! I just got the return of the field trip mixed up! I then realized, the principal surely knew of the field trip. I arrived at MMS I saw my daughter.Shevsaid the principal was waiting at the bus doors and told her to come in the office and call your mother, and LAUGHED. I can not think of a word to describe such a person.
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