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Poquoson High School

Poquoson, VA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 698


Poquoson High School
51 Odd Road
Poquoson, VA 23662
(757) 868-7123
Poquoson High School is located in Poquoson, VA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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Overall my wife and I were very unhappy with Poquoson High School. They have had problems with racial issues in the past. Apparently, they still do. I would not recommend parents send their special needs students of color to this school.
This has been an amazing school. We are a military family so we have seen 5 districts total and 9 schools in those districts. Poquoson is among the best of them. We are so pleased with our choice to live here.
Years ago I attended school here. At that time it was A decent school for the most part. I could go on and on about it today but I'm going to stick to the facts. Below are four different cases and four different learning levels . Two out of the four attened from fith grade on Third from first and last from kindergarten. Please note a school is to teach a child academics so they can succeed and excel in life. Whether the school is welcoming are not to me is not relevant. Insider outsider what does it matter if your child is getting the proper education. Child one should never have graduated. Did not pass yearly tests. Teachers gave child passing grades to keep the graduation rate high . Child two could pass any test with eyes closed. Was born gifted . Child missed 75% of school never turned in any work. Was given a passing grade to keep graduation rates high. I know of other children in this school who did not attend and due to absences should not have graduated but did to keep stats high. Child three has been passed along each school promising correction of a problem . Child can not read . Child is in high school and is currently comprehending at a Elementary level. Child has been privately tested. School states child is almost to grade level. Child has consistently failed all tests every year since first grade. Child will graduate illiterate. Child four is average. Passes all tests. Turns in all work. Gets whats belived average grades. Child has been marked slow in files. Needing help in areas child excels at and average in areas child does not. In conclusion your child will graduate from this school. Whether they have learned anything or not that's another question. I would never recommend this school to anyone.
My children started school in Poquoson in 5th & 8th grade. As any new student, they took time to adapt, and soon made many friends, and graduated from Poquoson High. It is a small town feel, people are close to their neighbors. This is not a bad thing and is what I loved about living there. I am originally from PA and found it a great place to raise my kids, with lots of opportunities to be involved in their education.
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