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Hi, we’re neighborhoods.com. We believe the neighborhood you live in is just as important as the home, meaning when you’re looking for a place to live, you aren’t just picking out a house. That’s because the people, places, schools, and amenities that surround a home have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. These factors—school districts, a coffee shop within walking distance, a park just a short drive away — are an important part of the homebuying process and will vary depending on individual interests and needs. However, despite a neighborhood’s age—whether it was created hundreds of years ago or was recently constructed — there is one consistent theme: neighborhoods provide a community, a sense of belonging, and a shared commonality for the residents that live there.

That’s why we set out to be the first online real estate resource to put the neighborhood at the center of the home search. By using public records data and thorough research, we define hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods across the country to deliver specificity to the home search process. Our platform invites visitors to imagine their life in a new location by providing detailed descriptions and reviews of schools, amenities, and the surrounding community. As a full-service brokerage with up-to-date listings, we offer homebuyers accurate and reliable information about industry trends and new homes for sale, and through our national network of licensed real estate agents and knowledgeable experts, we guide users through every step of the homebuying and home selling process.

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Get to know our other brands, too! Neighborhoods.com is the parent company of 55places.com, 55places Mortgage, and its product namesake: neighborhoods.com. Together, our specialized online real estate marketplaces make a difference in the way people buy and sell their home.