Ambassador Redo to Bring Tiny Home Living to Downtown Dallas' Cedars Neighborhood

The Ambassador Hotel was the place in Dallas to live large 112 years ago, but after its redo, it will be the place to live small.

According to the Dallas Business Journal, the Ambassador will undergo a major redevelopment project in early in 2018. Though the historic six-story structure was revered for its luxury in the early 1900s, it is about to get an edgy new distinction: Dallas’ first residential community to offer tiny house living. 

"We are having fun refining the designs of these smaller homes," Jim Lake, founder of Dallas-based Jim Lake Companies, told the Dallas Business Journal. "We are really bringing in the tiny home concept and using every cubic inch with sometimes dual uses in some of the spaces. We think the market will really love them."

Located in the Cedars neighborhood in Downtown Dallas, the Ambassador will contain 103 micro-unit homes with an average size of 532 square feet. The tiny house concept will not only bring a more affordable living option to Dallas’ urban core, it will answer the growing demand for tiny houses in the local market.

Concealable and convertible furniture can add a big-unit feel to the tiny house concept. While some units may contain Murphy beds, others can include a built-in desk for a workspace that easily converts to a dining room table.

Aside from tiny residences, other components of the Ambassador will be a 3,000-square-foot coworking venue headed up by Jim Lake Companies along with a 4,500-square-foot restaurant and 2,500-square-foot speakeasy.

Merriman Anderson Architects Inc. is designing the redevelopment, and Azteca-Omega Group is the general contractor. When complete, the landmark hotel that once hosted Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson will have reclaimed its luster.

"We are really restoring the historic character of the building that was removed in the 1980s, and we'll bring back that historical feel," Jerry Merriman, founder of the architectural firm, told the business journal.

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