Montrose has a strong art scene, with quite a few museums and galleries in the area. For art lovers looking for a home, this makes Houston an ideal place to live. Hoping to move into the area? Here are just a few of the places to visit, if you’re looking to indulge your inner art critic.

Art League Houston

Art League Houston photo courtesy of Alex Barber

Art League Houston has been a presence in the city for seven decades. It’s an active part of the community, featuring a school where would-be artists can enroll in over 100 classes and learn to work with mediums ranging from paint to mixed media and jewelry. The league also hosts several community programs to instruct young people in the arts, with some programs integrated into local schools. Of course, the Art League also features exhibits of all kinds within its halls. These exhibits change throughout the year but showcase artwork in a wide range of mediums produced by emerging and established artists locally, statewide, and internationally. Also, once a year, the Art League Houston exhibits artwork by instructors and students from the league. 

Archway Gallery

Photo courtesy of Archway Gallery

In existence since 1976, the Archway Gallery has worked for years to exhibit the creations of local artists. The gallery works hand in hand with local creatives, and gallery guests can meet with the artists themselves. Rather than work through a curator or middleman, visitors who want to buy the artwork featured at the gallery meet with and buy from the artists directly. Guests looking to decorate their homes will find oil paintings on canvas, hand-crafted clay bowls, high-quality photography, and other pieces in various mediums.

Anya Tish Gallery

Photo courtesy of Anya Tish Gallery

The Anya Tish Gallery opened in 1996 with the intention of featuring international artwork. Although it showcases a broad range of art, it specializes in presenting pieces from Central and Eastern Europe as well as Russia. But it also acts as a venue for both Texas and Houston based artists. The styles presented include sculptures, photography, paintings, and even video. Another goal of the gallery is to provide an avenue for artists to address social and environmental issues in their artwork. Visitors will find different exhibits on display throughout the year created by artists from all over the world. 

The Printing Museum

Vintage Printing Press Letters / Shutterstock

Art comes in all styles, and The Printing Museum makes it its mission to present the history, techniques, and art associated with printing. The museum features woodblock prints, antique printing presses, historic newspapers, rare books, and many other printed materials that characterize the history of printing, illustrating how printing has evolved through the centuries. Some of the most notable exhibits include tributes to the first printer in Texas and a gallery that tracks the history of the powerful Hearst media family.

The Menil Collection

Photo courtesy of The Menil Collection

The most traditionally museum-like destination on this list, The Menil Collection first opened to the public in 1987. Open to the public and free to visit, the Menil includes an artwork collection in addition to several notable landmarks that dot its 30-acre campus. The Rothko Chapel provides a meditative space while the Byzantine Fresco Chapel features installation art work. Twombly Pavilion features the artwork of Cy Twombly, and the Menil Drawing Institute exhibits and conserves contemporary artwork. Rotating exhibits pass through The Menil Collection itself, though there are many permanent pieces on display as well. There’s also a bookstore and bistro on the grounds.