Milwaukee Avenue is in the middle of a development boom, particularly in Logan Square. As more and more projects get underway, the residents of next-door Avondale are working to get a zoning change made to Milwaukee Avenue from Central Park to Kimball, according to DNAinfo.

Driven by a desire to preserve Avondale and control growth, a group of business and property owners is petitioning Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th Ward) to rezone the stretch of Milwaukee. The requested rezoning would allow buildings to have retail space on the ground floor and residential space on the upper floors, according to the report. Additionally, developers interested in the area would need to get alderman approval for projects outside of the zoning scope.

"We're not against growth. We're saying, 'Let's slow down. Let's respect what we've got here. Let's understand what the benefits are of maintaining this street,'" said Lynn Basa, one of the small business owners behind the rezoning request, according to the report.

Ramirez-Rosa’s office is reviewing the request. If the alderman decides to move forward with the rezoning plan, it could come to vote at a City Council meeting this fall, DNAinfo reports.