The Chicago Transit Authority is planning a significant redevelopment project that will affect the areas around the Red and Purple L stations at Argyle, Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, and Lawrence. Over the course of several meetings, CTA solicited feedback from neighborhood residents. DNAinfo reports that their feedback concerned aesthetics and historic preservation, affordable housing, and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes.

The project seeks to revitalize the portions of Lakeview, Edgewater, and Uptown around the proposed Belmont “flyover”, a planned bypass track at the Belmont Brown Line stop. The flyover is intended to eliminate Red and Purple Line delays caused by passing Brown Line trains. Some neighbors are opposed to the project, arguing that the project is costly, unnecessary, and destructive to the Lakeview area it will cross over. 

During the neighborhood meetings, attendees expressed hope that developments will use traditional brickwork instead of modern architecture. Residents also called for historic preservation of a number of buildings in the area. In addition to maintaining the area’s traditional look and historic buildings, residents are hoping new residential development will bring affordable housing. 

Residents are also hoping the redevelopment project will make use of the area’s vacant lots. For example, people in the area have high hopes for a space by the Belmont L stop that could become the new Belmont Plaza — similar to the Low-Line plaza at the Southport station — a gathering space for community events like farmers markets and concerts.