Back in 2014, developer Sea Palm had plans to build two residential subdivisions on a hillside above Lone Tree Cemetery off Fairview Avenue in Fairview, CA. Those plans sputtered out in environmental review. Rather than stop, they bought two more parcels and put plans in place to widen one road and create another to address utility access concerns. Now they’re back in environmental review with the hopes of moving forward.

If approved, the plan calls for 27 houses with a minimum 10,000 square feet lot size set across a 14.3-acre plot.

Of course, just because they addressed initial concerns, that doesn’t mean opposition to the project is done. Various community members have come forward with concerns ranging from loss of private property views to the potential placement of two stormwater detention basins. Some are calling for the city to complete new development restrictions and land use rules before approving the project.


Hayward: 27-home subdivision proposed in Fairview [EBT]