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Development in Michigan Park Comes With Concern

St. Joseph’s Seminary in Michigan Park is hoping to develop some of its land, The Washington Post reported. It has sold this property to real estate developer EYA, with the aim of adding townhouses to the area.

Accommodating this, however, comes at the cost of some eight-acres of open space, something residents are less than pleased about, The Post explained.

“The proposed development at St. Joseph’s is huge and contested,” David Conrad, president of the Michigan Park Citizens Association, told the paper. “Some citizens hired a lawyer to argue that the development isn’t in keeping with the neighborhood. They’re considering a lawsuit. A case brought against the zoning commission was successful two years ago in D.C. Appellate Court and overturned a planned unit development in Brookland.”

Neighborhood stakeholders argue that Michigan Park’s open space and tree-lined streets are what has attracted young families to buy in the neighborhood.

The Post noted there is consideration for development at The Divinity School, as well as Providence Hospital.

“I believe the city should make a commitment to work with the institutions to set aside some space for parks,” Feely said to the Washington Post. “If nothing is preserved by the city, we’ll be in a very bad way because open parkland in Ward 5 doesn’t exist.”

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