Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had plans to rebuild four houses around his Palo Alto home, forming a large compound. However, the city advisory board had concerns about its size so Zuckerberg has agreed to scale back the project, proposing to raze just two of the homes instead of all four.

Those four houses owned by Zuckerberg are located at 1451, 1457, and 1459 Hamilton Ave., and 1462 Edgewood Drive. Per the changes, only 1457 Hamilton Ave. and 1462 Edgewood Drive will be rebuilt into new single-story homes.

The city advisory board was initially concerned that allowing one family to make use of all four homes would violate the city’s plan to protect single-family homes. According to a report by the Mercury News, homes that only make sense as part of a larger compound would be hard to resell.

Those on the board say Zuckerberg’s adjusted proposal is within the guidelines of the city’s zoning rules that define a single-family home. For now, he’ll have to be content with expanding Facebook’s campus and not his own.