You’ve moved into your dream home in your dream neighborhood. The walls are bare and there are countless boxes stacked on top of each other. The task of getting your new house ready seems daunting, if not impossible. Here are some of the first steps you should take to make it a lot easier and to get the best out of your new house.

Change the Locks

While the previous owner will have handed over their keys, you never know which friends or neighbors they lent spares to or if they have extra keys they’ve forgotten about. It’s better to be safe in this situation and it’s also relatively cheap to replace locks, especially if you do it yourself. A quick deadbolt change should be fairly inexpensive.

General Spot Check

You will have had an inspector come by already who would’ve noticed any damage to the home, but it doesn’t hurt to double check for leaks or anything of that nature. If you haven’t already, call your local utilities company and make sure your water and heat are ready to go. Replace any filters that need it and schedule cleanings for your heating and cooling systems. Lastly, find the fuse box and water pump, just in case of an emergency.

Deep Clean

This is your home now. It’s the perfect time to erase any mark left by the previous owner and start anew. Before you put any furniture down or art on the walls, utilize this rare time to clean anything that needs it. Wipe down the windows and walls, vacuum, and, perhaps most importantly, steam clean any carpets and buff hardwood floors. Since you have no objects in the way, this is the best time to do it. Both can be done by professionals or you can rent a steam cleaner and buffer and do the work yourself.

Do Away With any Pests

It’s possible your new home has no issues with this, but more than likely you’ll be doing some pest control over the course of your ownership. The beginning is the best time to start. Look for any evidence of mice or bugs and put appropriate traps down for them. If the problem is extreme, your best path is to hire an extermination company. Do this before you do any major renovations or unpacking.

Change Your Address

This is something you can do before you move in, but if you haven’t done so, it’s important to as soon as possible. Your old address is registered with so many important accounts. Update to your new one with your bank, credit card company, post office, insurance, magazine subscriptions, and any other place you can remember.

Unpack the Essentials

After all this hard work, having a bed to sleep on through your first night is a must. Set up your bed and any other essentials including bathroom supplies and maybe a couch or television — especially if you’re planning on relaxing a little bit after the big day.