The Foothill Gold Line Extension of the Metro Gold Line light rail corridor was conceived as a way to the Foothill Cities of Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County to Pasadena and LA. Phase 2A of the project was completed in 2016, extending the line from Pasadena to Azusa. Now, the Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority board has approved a $1.37 billion plan for Phase 2B, which will extend the line 12.6 miles to the city of Montclair

Groundbreaking on the new phase is expected in October and it is expected to take until late 2025 or early 2026 to complete. Previously the project was expected to be finished by 2023 but an increase in the amount of work as well as the relocation of an existing Metrolink station require more time. 

"We have a more detailed understanding of this project and how we will build it," said Habib F. Balian, CEO of the Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority. "It is really two major projects in one – the freight and Metrolink relocation/reconstruction will have to be completed first, followed by construction of the light rail system. And to reduce risk for the future design-build contractor, the first year of the project will be used to relocate utilities and conduct pre-construction activities."

The new extension will lead to the creation of six new metro stations (Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona, ClaremontMontclair) and connect to three separate lines as a way of integrating existing light rail. Ridership on the new track is expected to exceed 18,300 weekday passengers by 2035.

While Los Angeles County's Measure M sales tax will foot the bill for much of the extension, the track past Claremont will require independent funding from San Bernardino County.


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