For Millennials, Dogs a Bigger Factor in Home-Buying Than Marriage or Children

According to a Harris Poll conducted on behalf of SunTrust Mortgage reported in the Washington Post, over 30 percent of millennials (ages 18 to 36) who bought their first home say their dog influenced their purchase decision — even more so than marriage/upcoming marriage (25 percent) or childbirth/expected childbirth (19 percent).

However, more living space (66 percent) and equity building (36 percent) still remained more important considerations than a pet.

Among millennials who have never purchased a home, 42 percent say their dog — or desire to have one — is a key factor in their future home purchase, according to the poll. 

When it comes to pets — dogs in particular — potential homeowners have a lot to consider. The issue of space is clearly a big one, but it’s not the only thing to think about.

The Washington Post quoted Elizabeth Carberry, who recently purchased a home near 14th Street NW with her partner and wanted to find a home with a front door that opened directly to a yard without steps. One of her two dogs is now 15-years-old, and can no longer climb stairs very easily. 

The report from the Washington Post also noted other things homebuyers with pets should keep in mind. For example, many people hope to have a fenced-in yard for their pets. In many areas, however, one may need a permit or approval from a homeowners association to add a fence.

Some communities and neighborhoods also have limits on the number of pets you can own based on the space you have or even the breed of animal. It’s also worth considering how a pet interacts with other pets and people, the Washington Post suggested. For those considering buying a home in a shared building, but have pets who are anxious around people they don’t know, they may want to consider a unit with a private entrance or patio.

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