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Four Austin Bars With Trivia Nights

If spending a night at the bar while engaging in intense intellectual rivalry is your thing, then Austin’s bar trivia scene is just for you. The city’s trivia bar scene is popular, high-energy, and extremely competitive. For Central Texas know-it-alls, these four Austin trivia nights count among the city’s best spots to flaunt your general knowledge while enjoying a frosty beer. 

Gourmands Neighborhood Pub—East Austin

Gourmands is a well-established East Austin destination known for its fully loaded “Fat Sandwiches,” daily drink specials, and convivial Wednesday night events hosted by nationwide trivia aficionados Geeks Who Drink.

Starting at 8 p.m., Geeks Who Drink post up at Gourmands to unleash a 12-round general knowledge melee, plus several opportunities to earn bonus points (in the form of free drinks). Victors can win up to $25 of bar credit. A particularly knowledgeable crowd tends to show up for Geeks Who Drink, so you’ll want to brush up on your facts before heading over. 

Gibson Street Bar—South Lamar

Wanna check out a Geeks Who Drink trivia night, but don’t want to head north of Lady Bird Lake? Snag a seat at Gibson Street Bar on South Lamar, where Geeks Who Drink have a standing residency on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.

Patrons can expect to receive the same well-rounded array of questions as the Wednesday night crowds at Gourmands, but Gibson Street has the added bonus of an expansive outdoor patio fully outfitted with speakers, so those who appreciate some fresh air (or who have a four-legged friend with them) can also join the fun.

If the hardcore trivia competition whets your appetite, Gibson Street is home to the Luke’s Inside Out food truck, featuring quirky sandwiches like the Pressed Pig (jerk pork, mortadella, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles on a hoagie) and The Vegetable (falafel, toasted mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, pickled red onion, and special sauce). 

Radio Coffee and Beer—South Austin

Another South Austin center for vibrant trivia antics and excellent draft options is at Radio Coffee & Beer. This spot spends its Wednesday nights playing host to Trivia 512, a local quiz company presiding over a two-hour trivia spree with a heavy emphasis on pop culture knowledge.

In addition to these general-knowledge games, Trivia 512 regularly offers themed trivia nights with recent versions devoted to Wayne’s World and the Coen Brothers. Prizes include Radio bar tabs, free beers, and bragging rights.

St. Elmo Brewing Co.—Southeast Austin

The Trivia 512 crew also hosts trivia on Tuesday nights, and beer lovers will enjoy that evening’s designated venue: St. Elmo Brewing Co. in Southeast Austin near St. Edward’s University. Trivia takes place in St. Elmo’s expansive tap room, within view of the beer maker’s kegs and brewing apparatus.

As with Trivia 512’s Wednesday residency, their Tuesday night game offers the opportunity to win free pints of beer, only in this case you’ll get brews made right on-site like the light Carl Kolsch or the pleasantly-hoppy Jan IPA.

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