A study by SmartAsset recently named Fremont among the top five cities in the U.S. to buy a large house for a family.

Per SmartAsset, six types of data were used to draw this conclusion. They include the five-year change in median home value, five-year change in median rent cost, average property tax rate, the percent of houses that have at least two bedrooms, median housing cost, and the percent of homeowners who are struggling with their housing costs.

The results showed bigger cities aren’t as kind to families with more than one kid, as most lack the size needed for a larger family at a reasonable price. Additionally, buying may not always be the financially-sound option in places with declining home value.

The city of Fremont made it to fourth place, with a 25 percent increase in rent and a 34 percent increase in home value, which pushes people towards homeownership. The low property tax in Fremont also helps lower the cost of owning in the Bay Area city. SmartAsset determined that 85 percent of homes for sale here have at least two bedrooms.

The one downside: About 30 percent of homeowners in Fremont are housing cost-burdened, meaning a lot of their income goes straight to the house.