Everyone has opinions on their favorite and to-be-avoided-if-possible stops on the CTA L train. Mary Wisniewski, who writes the “Getting Around Column” for the Chicago Tribune, recently compiled those opinions for the best, worst, and even smelliest of Chicago’s train stops.

Turns out the Red and Blue lines are pretty gross.

According to the report, readers selected the Sheridan stop on the Red Line in Lakeview as the “grungiest” stop, dethroning the Wilson Red Line stop in Uptown, which gets improvement points for undergoing a $203 million makeover.

The smelliest stop? That’s the O’Hare stop on the Blue Line. The stop does have nice architecture, but it also has a questionable odor. 

Readers say the prettiest stop is the Queen Anne-style Conservatory-Central Park Drive stop on the Green Line in East Garfield Park. It’s an eye-catching station with views of Garfield Park Conservatory.

Check the Trib for more categories, like “coolest ceiling,” “most clueless riders,” and “busiest spot for pigeons.”