The distinctive Westlake Theatre, which sits near MacArthur Park, is up for sale right now and currently taking bids through August 10. The 20,000-square-foot building is known for the large steel-framed neon sign sitting on its rooftop.

A proposal request was submitted last year for the theater’s renovation along with the possible construction of retail and affordable housing in its surrounding properties. The revamp aimed to add more arts, culture, education, and entertainment to Westlake while providing job opportunities and housing. However, the mixed-use development plans ultimately went unanswered. 

Now, CRA/LA, the community development agency that owns the property, has opted to sell the theatre in its present condition after it was unable to secure a developer to partner on renovations.

The Spanish-style theater opened in 1926 and operated as a movie theatre and events space for 65 years. It is conveniently located next to the train station and is close to Downtown LA. The theater listing advertises the structure’s capacity to become a retail hub, creative office, or even a nightclub. It has most recently been used as a venue for a neighborhood swap meet.