How to Prepare a Meal Without Unpacking Your Kitchen

Moving from one home to another is stressful and comes with many hours of hard work. After a long day of unpacking and getting organized, a hearty meal sounds perfect. The problem? Everything is still boxed, even the dishes. You do not know where any good restaurants are located in your new neighborhood. There are some simple and delicious meals you can make without having to dig through hordes of boxes.

Soup and Stew

The morning of your move, fill a container with plastic bowls and silverware. Pull out your crock pot, some kind of protein, and other ingredients for a delicious soup or stew. On your first trip to your new home, take them with you and place in the kitchen. Add your ingredients to the crock pot and let it cook all day while moving. The meat, noodles, potatoes, along with the vegetables, which will give your body the protein and carbs to re-energize after all of the hard work is done.

Pizza and Vegetables

Buy a frozen pizza, frozen vegetables, and paper towels at your local grocery store a few days before moving. Cook the pizza and refreeze. The day of the move, take it and the vegetables out of the freezer. On your first trip to your new home place them in the refrigerator. Now-a-days vegetables can be bought and heated in their own plastic bags. Heat the pizza slices and vegetables in the microwave and enjoy.

Turkey and Chicken

Cook turkey or chicken before the day of the move. Slice them up and freeze. Take to your new home and place in the refrigerator. Heat in a microwave and enjoy with a cup of water to hydrate your body. The protein will help to restore your energy to get you back to unpacking.

Cups of Noodles

These make eating easy. Just add water and heat in the microwave. However, one container might not be enough to fill your stomach after a long day of moving. Fix a small bag of sliced fruit or vegetables the day before the move and throw in the refrigerator. Take the bag with you on your last trip and eat after the noodles.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

A quick fix for hunger is to stop by the grocery store and buy peanut butter, jelly, and some wheat bread. Celery stalks are good substitutes for the bread. Either will fill your stomach and help your body energize. When moving furniture and boxes, your body burns a lot of energy and needs a lot of water. It is important to eat properly and to keep hydrated. Buy bottled water and place in the refrigerator on your first trip to your new home. When you get thirsty, the water will be there, nice and cold. Sweets will give you a burst of energy at first but then you will become extremely tired. Eat a mixture of different types of foods such as vegetables, meats, and carbs to give your body what it needs — more energy. Moving to your new home safely will go much smoother if you’re eating a healthy diet. In the morning you will feel better for it.   



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