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When people are searching for a home to live in they typically look for a place that provides the basic components: a few bedrooms, bathrooms, open living areas, closet space, and a modern kitchen. And while homes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, there are some that upend what we traditionally consider a home. Igloos, one of the most primitive forms of housing, have been around for centuries, invented by the Inuit natives who inhabited the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. They were used both as primary residences and temporary shelters during long, cold hunting trips.

Although igloos are built out of ice and snow, these frosty structures retain heat and provide shelter from frigid temps and brutal winters. Over the years, the traditional art of igloo construction has declined among the Inuit natives due rising temperatures, but the popularity of these icy domes continues today. From satellite igloos to igloo villages and hotels, these distinct variations can be found throughout winter destinations. Check out some of these amazing igloos from across the world.

Rows of igloo homes / photo by Tiraj Mitrovic / CC BY

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

This Finnish family hotel located about 155 miles north of the Arctic Circle offers visitors unique accommodations for an unforgettable experience. Those looking for the igloo experience can choose from three options such as snow igloos, glass igloos, and kelo-glass igloos. The adventurous type can opt to spend the night in the snow igloo, which is made entirely of ice and snow. The snow igloos provide a quiet yet cozy and cool space for one or two people and come equipped with down sleeping bags. Just a bit warmer are the glass and kelo-glass igloos, which provide glass domes that offer breathtaking views of the night sky and are especially beautiful during the Northern Lights season. Although these igloos aren’t made of snow or ice, they still provide an igloo vibe with its dome shape and narrow entrance. While the standard glass igloo is just the right size for up to four people, the kelo-glass igloos are more luxurious and can fit up to six people. The kelo-glass igloos also combine the traditional structure of a log cabin with a glass igloo. These more lavish igloos have a private sauna, fireplace, kitchenette, and bedroom with its own roof.

Kitzsteinhorn Ice Camp

In Austria, you don’t just meet up with friends at the ski lodge -- you meet up with them at the Ice Camp. The Ice Camp in Kitzsteinhorn is a unique winter wonderland for visitors looking to relax and hang out during a ski outing. It offers three large interconnected igloos made out of 60 tons of ice and more snow than you can imagine. The Ice Camp, which is sponsored by Audi and is made out of ice from top-to-bottom, features a food court, ice sun deck with lounge chairs, an ice bar, and a car show room displaying the new Audi Q2 model on ice. With panoramic views of the Kitzsteinhorn, visitors will enjoy this chilly igloo winter retreat for a modern ice age experience.

A typical bedroom in the Ice Hotel / photo by Hotel de Glace / CC BY-SA

Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel)

If you don’t want to commit living in an igloo for more than a couple of nights, then you may want to check in at the Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada. This snow and ice vacation resort, which was recently redesigned, offers a variety of sub-zero experiences and packages for visitors seeking a unique Nordic adventure. The Hotel de Glace has 44 rooms and theme suites with intimate igloo-like rooms, Nordic sleeping bags, and drinks served in ice glasses. The complex also has an indoor/outdoor pool, ice café, ice chapel, ice bar, hot tubs, and saunas where you can stay relax under the stars. This ice hotel is made out of 30,000 tons of special snow and 500 tons of ice and is only available from January to March.

Igloo Satellite Cabins

Not all igloos are created equal and for that you have manufactured igloo satellite cabins. Although these are not made out of compact snow and ice, these pre-fabricated, durable fiberglass domes are three meters in diameter and just over two meters high and provide the same shelter that igloos normally would. They can withstand ice, snow, high winds, and below-freezing temperatures. These igloo satellite cabins were developed by Australia’s Icewall One and are made to be portable pods that were typically used by scientists who were in need of shelter during research expeditions in cold climate locations. The best part of all is that these igloo cabins can be interconnected with other units via tunnels, so you’re never too far from your travel companion. And don’t worry about these cabins flying off into the night. While these igloo cabins are transportable they are bolted together and attached securely to the ground with eight wire tie-down lines attached to tent pegs.


Hotel de Glace


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