A new initiative has recently been submitted to the city of Irvine that would allow voters more say during the decision-making process of future large development projects. The request was filed by Karen Jaffe and Arthur Strauss, who represent the group Irvine for Responsible Growth.

The Orange County Register reported that if the motion is approved, developers would need to secure voter approval for any development project that would increase traffic, change street or zoning rules, add 40 or more housing units, or 10,000 square feet or more spaces of non-residential use.

The initiative, which is similar to the ballot measure recently approved in Costa Mesa, has been met with opposition and support on both sides. While residents would be able to weigh in more on future projects, many city opponents believe that the measure would hinder the city’s economic growth.

The group must receive close to 12,000 signatures, which is roughly 10 percent of Irvine’s registered voters, by March 2018 in order for the initiative to make the ballot for November 2018.