One of the go-to hiking experiences in Los Angeles is to head up the trail that takes you to a prime spot in Hollywood for spying that signature sign from up close. Pretty soon, however, hikers are going to have to find a new route.

A recent Los Angeles Superior Court ruling means that the Hollyridge Trail entrance in the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood will be closed due to complaints by nearby Sunset Ranch. Car traffic and pedestrian access was negatively affecting the ranch, which had provided the trailhead as part of a land easement. Fifteen thousand visitors have reportedly been using the trailhead every month.

LA will begin redirecting hikers and walkers over the course of the next few weeks. There are other entrances hikers can use to reach the same viewing point destination, including Bronson Canyon and Vermont Avenue, though that route adds one mile to the hike. Don’t expect to see less people hiking the popular trail, however—just expect to see them going about it a little differently.