Lonely Planet Ranks D.C.'s Capitol Riverfront Among 10 Hottest U.S. Neighborhoods

The Capitol Riverfront neighborhood has seen a major transformation over the last decade, which seems to be paying off. The travel guide Lonely Planet has named the former commercial wharf one of the 10 hottest U.S. neighborhoods you should visit. 

Once far less developed, the Riverfront began seeing a major change in 2008 when the Washington Nationals played their first opening day at Nationals Park. While the area certainly does appeal to baseball fans, there’s more there than just sports.

A number of restaurants, parks, and a boardwalk bring the area to life. A browse through the events listed on the neighborhood’s website shows a range of activities. Steadfast Supply, a 3,000-square-foot retail store, hosts many creative workshops while The Brig hosts a regular Beer & Yoga at The Brig event.

As far as restaurants go, the area is home to the expected fast-casual eateries such as Taylor Gourmet and SweetGreen. More upscale eating can be found at The Salt Line, District Winery, and Due South. 

Capitol Riverfront holds some unexpected gems as well. Trapeze School N.Y. on New Jersey Avenue NE offers classes for all levels. The Walking Museum of Transportation is set up around the exterior of the Department of Transportation headquarters, and the National Museum of the U.S. Navy sits right along the coast of the Anacostia River.

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