Dallas has a special place in my heart. I took the plunge as a fresh college graduate from Texas Christian University and moved to Dallas. At the time, I wanted to live anywhere except Dallas, but somehow ended up moving here –– and never leaving.

This city has so much to offer, especially for people trying to get their feet wet. Every corner I turn, or refresh of my Facebook newsfeed, I see a new event announced and a new business coming to town. It’s growing –– and it’s growing rapidly.

But any statistic can show you that Dallas is booming, especially with 20 somethings. I’m here to give you an inside look at my world and what has fostered this deep love for my city –– and more importantly, Deep Ellum, the neighborhood I call home. 

Photo by Casers92

Drugstore Cowboy

If you’re looking for somewhere to spend your mornings getting caffeinated and your evenings with a nightcap (or two) then you’re going to dig Drugstore Cowboy. The low-key space has a full coffee and alcohol bar, plenty of table space, and a mellow vibe. I’ve spent many a day channeled into my work while sitting at a table with a view of the happenings outside. Fun fact, I’m here while writing this….

More than just a coffee shop, this is a place you can go to if you’re looking for music you can jam to. One of my all-time favorites, Cure for Paranoia, is a regular here.

Photo by Casers92

Hide Cocktail Bar

It appears as if I have a drinking problem -- that or Deep Ellum just has so many great watering holes I have to share with the world (I’m going to stick with the latter). Hide is known for the most eclectic drinks in the area. They refer to it as “where science meets art” and I couldn’t agree more. Depending on how daring I feel, there are four different areas of the drink menu to take a peek at. You can never go wrong –– but if you do, the bartenders are there to make it all better and whip you up something a little more your fancy. 

Be sure to go hungry (the Dirty Tots are my weakness – as is pretty much everything else here). The chef creates a menu by experimenting with what he knows and loves. He makes magic happen, y’all.

The whole experience is unique. Even the decor makes you feel like you’re somewhere else. I would recommend you take someone here if you want to impress them without breaking the bank.

Photo by Casers92


HELLO, VIEWS. I should stop there -- everything else I say doesn’t even matter. The view from that rooftop is spectacular. They also have some great signage on the walls (neon signs for days), but also on the staircase. If you find yourself heading to Stirr, wear some cool shoes and take a staircase pic -- you won’t regret it. 

Again, the food. Don’t eat before you go to Stirr. Order the mac and cheese and then thank me later. It’s that good. Don’t worry about anything else on their menu (I’m sure the rest is good too, but I can’t help but order the mac and cheese everytime).

Photo Courtesy of Total Happy Hour

Green Room

I saved my favorite spot for last. The original bar that made me fall head over heels in love with Deep Ellum. It’s a total dive. It’s next door to a live music venue, across the street from a taco joint, and full of the most amazing staff. We’re talking friendly like, the bouncer gives me hugs and asks how my mom is doing. It’s my own version of Cheers. I feel at home here. I wear what I want. I drink without breaking the bank. I can people watch (seriously, everyone from stilettos and tight dresses to fresh from the gym). 

I could leave paragraphs on the experiences I have had here, but I think the best thing I can say is every single person I have brought here has walked away feeling at home. Now that’s what I call a good neighborhood bar.


Casey Walker is a digital media professional who specializes in the Dallas food and music scene. You can find her on Instagram, or on her blog at Streets, Beats & Eats.