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Miami Voters to Weigh In on North Beach Zoning Change

If Miami Beach residents vote in favor of a zoning change next month, it could lead to the creation of a “main street” in North Beach, per The Miami Herald.

Next month’s ballot includes a referendum to increase the maximum allowable square footage for buildings in the center of North Beach’s commercial corridor, a 10-block area near 71st Street. If voters approve the measure, it could lead to the development of more mixed-use buildings with commercial space at the base and residential above it. Right now, the area has few restaurants, some empty land, an old post office, a law office, one five-story apartment building, a pharmacy, a pair of gas stations, two banks, and dated buildings with underutilized office space.

The zoning change is part of a newly created master plan for North Beach, which calls for a revitalized “Town Center.” Properties bounded by 72nd Street to the north, 69th Street to the south, Collins Avenue to the east, and Indian Creek Drive (which becomes Dickens Avenue) to the west would be impacted. The plan also includes provisions to create historic districts, which will protect historic structures from demolition.

Voters will weigh in on whether to increase the allowable floor area ratio (FAR) for buildings which, if approved, would pave the way for more dense development. Election Day is Nov. 7, with early voting beginning Oct. 23.

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