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New Development to Expand Palos Park

Palos Park, a southwestern suburb of Chicago, known for its spacious homes and open space, like the Swallow Cliff Woods, is set to become bigger. The village has successfully annexed more than 1,400 acres of land west of its existing borders, according to the Chicago Tribune

The land includes property occupied by Cog Hill Golf and Country Club, Mid-Iron Golf Club, and Gleneagles Country Club. On Dec. 4, community residents had the opportunity to see the village’s master plan for the western part of Palos Park during an open house, according to the Palos Patch. Palos Park has released preliminary details, including plans for a golf resort, commercial development, and residential development.

Downtown Lemont photo courtesy of Alex Hughes

Palos Park vs. Lemont

The road to this new development has not been without obstacles. The annexed land was the source of a legal battle between Palos Park and the neighboring suburb of Lemont. In 2017, a state appeals court ruled in favor of Palos Park’s annexation of the land, according to another Chicago Tribune report.

The Mid Iron Golf Club and Gleneagles Country Club land was at the center of the legal dispute. Lemont hoped to include the land, which is not contiguous with Palos Park, in its long-term development plans. 

A Golf Resort

With the legal matter resolved, Palos Park is eyeing the future. One of the main components of the suburb’s plans for the land is a golf resort. The resort would be situated at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club and include features like a boutique hotel, conference center, water park, and spa, the Chicago Tribune reports. 

John Houseal, a principal of planning company Houseal Lavigne, is involved in creating the suburb’s plans. He described this element of the plan to the Chicago Tribune as “an international golf resort destination.” 

Commercial Development

The Mid Iron Golf Club land has been suggested as a potential site for new commercial development. This new development could include retail stores. One resident expressed hope that the development would include high-end retail outlets not currently present in Palos Park, the Chicago Tribune reported.

New Homes

Hundreds of upscale homes, including rental units and single-family homes, could be on the docket for potential new development on Palos Park’s recently annexed land, according to the Chicago Tribune report. The master plan is not far enough along to have an exact number for residential development. The annexation agreement dictates that single-family homes will need to be developed on at least one-acre lots.

It’s too early to price any upscale, single-family homes newly constructed in Palos Park, but the suburb is no stranger to luxury homes. For example, the Shadow Ridge Estates neighborhood has newer homes dating back to the early 2000s. These larger homes range in size from 4,851 square feet to 12,000 square feet. Home prices listed on range from $1,450,000 to $1,850,000.

The Misty Harbour neighborhood has older homes dating back to the 1990s. These homes range in size from 3,977 square feet to 8,000 square feet and range in price from the high $600s to the high $700s.

Palos Park also has more reasonably priced neighborhoods like Edelweiss in the Park and Mill Creek. Edelweiss in the Park is a neighborhood of attached homes with price ranging from the mid $100s to the low $200s. Mill Creek is also mostly made up of attached homes. The median sale price in the neighborhood is in the high $100s.

The Timeline

While the master plan for the new development in Palos Park is being actively discussed, groundbreaking on any new development is likely years away, according to the Chicago Tribune. The plans discussed during the open house are in the preliminary stages. Going forward, any plans will need to pass through more public hearings and the Palos Park and Plan Commission before gaining approval from the Village Council. 

In the meantime, residents have been making their voices heard. According to the Chicago Tribune report, a common theme in resident feedback thus far has been a desire to see new development fit in with the current character of the suburb.

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