New Homes in South Miami Now Required to Include Solar Panels

In a measure that’s the first of its kind in Florida —  and only the fourth like it in the U.S. — new homes in South Miami are now required to include solar panels, according to the Miami Herald.

The ordinance, which was passed July 18 and goes into effect Sept. 18, will also require renovations replacing more than 75 percent of the structure or extending the structure by more than 75 percent to include solar panels. 

According to the rules, new residential construction in the Miami suburb would require 175 square feet of solar panels to be installed per 1,000 square feet of sunlit roof area, or 2.75 kW per 1,000 square feet of living space — whichever is less. If the house is built under existing trees, the shade may exempt it, per the Herald. 

The law puts Miami in the ranks of three other U.S. cities requiring solar panels on new builds. According to Color Lines, the California cities of San Francisco, Sebastopol, and Lancaster have the same law. Bay Area city Fremont is also enacting the law.

Commissioner Josh Liebman, caster of the City Commission’s lone "no" vote, along with Family Businesses for Affordable Energy are against the law because they fear it’ll drive up costs for residents, according to NBC Miami.

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